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Top 3 Hits of The Paranormal Network’s We Want to Believe Series

Twenty episodes and about nine different locations later, The Paranormal Network’s (formerly JoBlo Horror Network) We Want to Believe is showing it has staying power. Even after a hiatus due to the pandemic, this short form version of many paranormal reality television shows has resumed. Since mid 2022, the team have been visiting places off the beaten track in the heartland of British Columbia. After approximately nine cases, this group continues to show how dedicated they truly are!

This homegrown program follows the Canadian Paranormal Society in Kamloops. What they’ve done is more than just providing peace of mind for some. There are supernatural forces at work up in them thar hills. In some instances, it’s to also solve a mystery of why they caught an EVP in the middle of nowhere! I need to rewatch those episodes and the follow-up they’ve done all in one night. I’ve put together the playlist to watch on All Hallow’s Eve to truly appreciate how the veil is thinner in the woods. The Irish believe that once when you step into the forest, you’re in faerie territory!

Apparently, what I wrote (that the producers read) made them decide to figure out where that voice came from.

In the past, I not only reviewed but also provided an extra context in terms of how pop culture has recognized each episode for the masses to be frightful of. But to keep up means spending enough time rewatching to catch all the references and I hate to be behind when considering how much media I consume on a daily basis.

Instead, I waited until there’s enough cases so I can attempt to make a top five. Not enough time has passed to allow for that, so I’ve pared it down to three. They won’t send direct shivers for Halloween night, but for those stuck at home and wanting something supernatural instead of Super, Natural British Columbia®, here’s some content made in my home province to enjoy the night with.

Presented in reverse order are my most favourite We Want to Believe episodes:

The Village – In British Columbia, we have plenty of ghost towns, and the mining town that Pete Renn, Jason Hewlett and team visit is no different. I need to visit Ashcroft to experience investigating for myself! I feel to celebrate this ghost town’s past is required than to be gathering evidence of the things that go bump in the night. That’s the gist I get from this chapter. Perhaps that’s why the spirits still linger here.

Mandy, The Haunted Doll – This antique doll is simply creepy looking, and as for what inhabits it is still unknown. Its history is well recounted. And as for why this museum puts it out on display, that’s subject to debate since it’s a draw to anyone visiting Quesnel, BC. Just why nearly every region has its own version suggests there’s some kind of sinister force at work. No, we’re not talking about Annabelle level craziness as recounted in the films, but I can’t help but wonder what’s going on.

With this piece, it’s always about respecting what’s behind the glass case. As any local indigenous folk will tell you, spirits can occupy anything it wants. Whether that be a object of nature or manmade, it can be animated if that force so desired. In the case of dolls moving on its own, just how different our local star compared to the Isle of Dolls in Mexico is no different! There’s plenty of theories, but just what does it all mean?

The Ranch – This historic O’Keefe Ranch in Vernon is the subject here, and the fact the first segment was filmed when residents were asked to evacuate was because of the forest fires. It added an eeriness on top, reminiscent of Silent Hill when they were filming outdoors. If that isn’t bad enough, the fact the team was on the clock had then running away for a different reason! Thankfully, the team were able to return once the air has cleared, and as for what they discover, well….

At least we get to learn the entities here are generally in good spirits (pardoning the pun). This business also runs the annual Field of Screams for locals to enjoy every Halloween. It’d be terrible if the real deal somehow manifests during this time.

Note: the links and videos provided here point to the first episode of that series of We Want to Believe episodes. Also provided is the full playlist.

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