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That Ain’t No Fouke (or is it?) In Mytheries

Searching for Sasquatch: Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn has new book  featuring Fouke MonsterBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

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A new episode is now online of The Paranormal Network’s Mytheries. This time, the focus is on the Fouke Monster, a local Bigfoot type creature whose base of operations is in Fouke, Arkansas. It came into prominence in the early 1970s and whether it is real is still debated nearly 50 years later.

Jessica Dwyer, the series host, addresses both sides of the argument and, like previous shows, offers a point of view which includes how the monster of the month is ingrained in pop culture. She doesn’t add more to the lore, other than how it’s become part of this town’s livelihood. The addition of how the law is accepting of the influence–instead of discounting–says it all. This sweet update is all I need to know when investigations are infrequent.

Interestingly, the documentaries and fictional horror dramas bear a resemblance to Hammer films with their sequels that follow a lineage. Perhaps the same can be said for this creature? We know nothing about how lived they/he/it is. Instead, we have movies like The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) presented as a serious look into the legend, Return to Boggy Creek (1977), Boggy Creek II (1985), The Legend is True (2010), and The Legacy (2011). The titles says it all, and Dwyer’s analysis gets viewers up to speed and offers is a reflection of what its like growing up in a rural area. She’s been at places where nearly any sound and shadow plays with the imagination.

In my area of the world, hills near Sooke are said to be home to the Sasquatch. Whether we have our own monster here requires me to get a team together to investigate. Friends talked about investigating and sadly we just never got around to it. The difference between some shows and others is in how personal it is for them and I can feel why she chose this particular primate over others to discuss in her show that’s nearly half a year old. Happy Mid-Anniversary!

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