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We Want to Believe in Part Three of the Bigfoot Hunt!

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The next episode of‘s We Want To Believe series look for Bigfoot is here. We get theories from Ken Gerhard about why they live alone–sometimes in small packs–and he’s sure they are endangered. Many documentaries said they have adapted their habits so that they can avoid human contact, and after getting newcomers up to speed with common facts, this segment reveals a hamlet a family unit lived in.

It’s well known these creatures are nomads. As for why they are everywhere needs other documentaries to offer ideas too. I’ve been watching a lot of Expedition Bigfoot lately, and an idea this Travel Channel show offered is the possibility they find underground passages (natural or lava tubes) to make travelling further distances easy. This extended series versus the short still has yet to suggest anything concrete.

I’m finding the focus on the makeshift camp fascinating. We’re given a tour of the three habitats that someone built to provide some protection from the elements. The wooden teepee seems too small to allow for these enormous creatures; I’m surprised no suggestion is offered–it might be for the kid to live in rather than the adults, and they travel in packs unless the alpha is out hunting. 

It’s possible some of these campsites are created by flood waters causing branches to clump together, but they are not found near rivers. It’s terrific to see Gerhard weigh in on the pros and cons of how these come to be and include theories on why this beast avoids human contact. I like to add the thought of living in an area where sudden rains occur and little protection from the high sun exists (i.e. they sweat a lot) can make for one smelly ape. Hygiene is unimportant to them. The way these nests look varies from others seen in other programs, but as for how they’re made, the ideas researchers have share a common denominator: they are thatched together.

While Pete Renn is not in this third episode as I’d hoped, his appearance is overdue. This bonus episode was made because of the discovery of this habitat. The fourth should see Renn as the team need his understanding of the paranormal world; the aforementioned show suggested Bigfoot sightings close to haunted cabins are sometimes discovered near each other. This concept is perfect to warn people on how not to go exploring in the wild woods near Kelowna, BC alone. Just be careful of any ghost mines in the area. They may still reek of foul vapour too!

Finding Bigfoot – Part Three

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