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The Masters of Spinjitzu Heads into Season 14 This Weekend!


Teletoon Premiere Date

March 7, 2021

Please check listings for showtimes in your area.

The next season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu may well go full on Island of Doctor Moreau! Or should that be discovering the secrets of this franchise’s version of Easter Island? Officially, the story is about rescuing Misako, Master Wu, and Clutch Powers. They went on an expedition and the trailer suggests what they are searching for is an amethyst crystal. When Clutch is involved, I’m guessing the team up was to search for some relic about this world’s past.

This concept behind this chapter might be appropriate to celebrate the tenth anniversary year of the series.

The Keepers of the Amulet seen in the teaser trailer only suggest they’re just one part of a greater problem the Ninjago team face. Plenty of jungle action will take place, and as for what genre of fantasy fiction this latest chapter offers takes inspiration from the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Also coming are two books titled “The Uncharted Island” and “Rescue Mission” (expected Spring and Summer 2021) which will offer more information!

Whatever the outcome–as there’s only four episodes–and if the trio are immediately found, fans of this series will be glad to know the saga is going strong, and the next set focuses on Nya, the Water Elemental and original Samurai X, and perhaps where her heritage came from. This arc, titled “Seabound,” is set to air later this year, and suffice to say, this adventure is the one I’m most excited for!



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