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A Halloween Guide to Ancient Aliens

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Usually Ancient Aliens and the supernatural (ghost busting) do not go hand in hand. When they do, it’s mostly about parallel universes, how entities can travel about interdimensionally (wormhole travel), or why certain classes of angels and demons are actually aliens in disguise. However far-fetched the hypotheses are, they are just that until proven by some grandiose revelation that convinces everyone to believe. That means that the entity is tired of hiding and has finally revealed him or herself to the world.

In this age of the Internet, the alternative is to find overwhelming testimonies from many witnesses of varying occupations to say, “oh my gosh, this (fill in the blank) is real.”

This program is going on 15 seasons strong and it’s showing no signs of stopping. It may slow down as it’s running out of ideas, but for Halloween time, I thought it’d be fun to glance back at those episodes that truly have a paranormal theme. This list is better than the generic marathon that’s offered every year.

Season 3 Episode 2
“Aliens and Monsters”

No ancient civilization has been unturned in this look at where some classical mythical creatures can come from. The episode considers genetic engineering, cloning and transplant technology to create beasts like the Chimera and Hydra. Who’s not to mention that werewolves and Frankenstein’s monster are the exception? The former is a shapeshifter, and the latter is an amalgamation of Jewish traditions (the golem), early attempts at reanimating dead matter and discovering faith. Or scholars can express it’s an early science fiction novel roughly based on a nightmare Mary Shelley had.

Season 3 Episode 14
”Aliens and the Undead”

This examination of traditional beliefs considers many a a society and asks the age old question of whether life truly continues after death. From old mummifying techniques to safeguard the corpses (so the soul has a vassal to return to) to modern cryogenics, just why the human body is important to this continuation is considered. Another episode examines whether the electric impulses of the brain can be digitized so people can reside in the electronic world ala TRON.

Whether aliens developed the tech is the key instead of saying they shape the procedures which are supposed to preserve the spirit. Season 9’s “Alien Resurrections” (episode 6) is the follow up which considers how to raise the dead. Some force was around when Lazarus was brought back to life.

Season 6 Episode 5
“The Satan Conspiracy”

The only problem with this episode is that it considers Satan to be most heinously evil. Nothing else existed before his fall. Despite putting this devil on the pedestal, the one thing viewers should be more worried about is how inflated his ego has gotten should he be real.

Season 7 Episode 3
“The Star Children”

The one detail this chapter makes authentically creepy for Halloween is in talking about the Black Eyed Kids. The rest of the show doesn’t matter!

Anyone meeting them is more likely to be whisked away to some other dimension, never to come back.

Season 14 Episode 11
“The Trans-Dimensional”

Are ghosts and angels visitors from another realm? It’s conceivable that they live in an alternate dimension—a higher vibration that very few individuals can pierce the veil to. The aboriginal Australians express it’s conceivable to, and there are practices to facilitate The Dreaming–shifting back and forth between realms. Various cultures are examined to explain how it’s viable to navigate these dimensions, but there’s more to this program than how to walk between cosmic worlds.

This experience is very notable because it delves into the Hermann House, where poltergeist activity occurred in the late 50s, and it almost inspired the Poltergeist movie.

Season 15 Episode 10
”The Skinwalker Ranch”

This highly secure installation in Utah is known for the UFOs said to buzz around instead of the paranormal activity which goes on behind closed doors. The history is vividly recounted, and as for how much of an influence it has for the latter, it’s tough to say.

Anyone who has seen pictures or heard the stories will learn about the hauntings that go on there. Whether this area is a doorway to a parallel universe is subject to debate, but until Las Vegas entrepreneur Robert Bigelow shares his data or the latest owner Brandon Fugal is willing to disclose, all we have are questions. The mystery continues as only guesses are made in this episode. If the latter is true, then can we say vampires are an alien race? Let’s hope not!

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