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Akiba’s Trip First Trailer: A Taste of What is To Come in the Q1 2017 Animated Series

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

After it was initially announced during a DMM Games stage event at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, an Akiba’s Trip animation trailer has been released. Based on the RPG Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) title, Akiba’s Trip: The Animation is a production of animation studio Gonzo. This series is set to broadcast in Japan January 4, 2017 on AT-X, Tokyo MX and BS Fuji.

The original game released in 2011 took place in the shopping district of Tokyo known as Akihabara. The game saw Akihabara invaded by creatures called the “Synthisters”, who preyed on citizens in Akihabara by feasting on their social energy and their will to live. The only way to defeat the Synthisters was by exposing them to sunlight. This means violently stripping off their clothing one piece at a time.

The animation however appears to differ from the game according to the official site‘s introduction:

Akihabara—a broad-minded town that accepts anyone from beginner to advanced. Even if you go to Akiba alone, there will be someone that understands you. It’s a place where you have the freedom to do anything, a place that bares your body and soul.

In this city of Akiba, which jam packs everything from anime to games, maids, idols, junk parts, and B-class gourmet, battles are fought against “Bagurimono,” and an unyielding story of “boy meets girl” begins.

The project’s staff includes supervisor Hiroshi Ikehata (Yuyuhishiki), series organizer Kazuho Hyoudou (Robot Girls Z), and character designer Hajime Mitsuda (key animator, Seirei no Moribito).



Tamotsu Denkigai – Haruki Ishiya (Chad Chadan in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans)

Matome Manseika – Rie Takahashi (Mirai Asahina in Mahoutsukai Precure!)

Niwaka Denkigai – Marika Kōno (Hanabi in Scorching Ping Pong Girls)

Arisa Ahokainen – Yuki Nagaku (Mimite in Sailor Moon Crystal)

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Video Source(s); Mifune Black.

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