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Count Wind Up’s 13 Coffin Hits for the Living Impaired

James Shaw (The Wind Up Geek)By James Robert Shaw (The Wind Up Geek)

When it comes to Halloween music, I prefer the old and creepy over the new and scary (I’m still wondering whatever happened to the Transylvania Twist). And though my music picks may not be as eclectic as my writing partner’s (which is coming up), there are still some who consider I have good taste in both music and blood type.

Try as I might, narrowing this list down to just 13 ghoulish songs was an extremely difficult task. There are so many artists living, dead and undecided who deserve mention and praise. Perhaps next year I will expand on this list. For now, lay back in your coffin, cross your hands over your chest and listen to Count Wind Up’s 13 songs, guaranteed to bring a little flesh tone to your skin.

“Bogey Wail” – Jack Hylton (1929)

“Mysterious Mose”
– The Radio All Star Novelty Orchestra (1930)

“The Boogie Woogie Man” – The Brian Sisters (1942)

“I Want to Be Evil” – Eartha Kitt (1954)

“Spooks” – Louis Armstrong (1954)

“Ghoul Days” – Gene Moss (1964)

“The Chiller” – The Vic Plati Quintet (1965)

“I’m the Wolfman” – Round Robin (1966)

“The Boogie Man” – Louie Ramirez (1967)

“Mad Monster Party” – Ethel Ennis (1967)

“Drac’s Back” – The Bollock Brothers (1979)

“Nasty” – The Damned (1984)

“The Addams Family (Figure Remix)”
– Figure w. original music by Vic Mizzy (2016)

Video Source(s): Figure, LiquidLifeTV, Goatess674, Steven McCormick, DJ Turmix, Lindsay Koski, a66mo45, MeMadMusic, dona oldies, mrfnk, and Screen Novelties.

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