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Michael O’Hearn in Avengers 2: Fact or Faux Pas?

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Remember Simon Pegg’s little unintentional stirring of the rumour pot? Remember Pegg pointed to a artist’s rendering of Ant-Man during a tour of the Marvel building in New York, and remember how he back peddled, totally denying he had anything to do with his friend Edgar Wright’s upcoming comic book film?

Well I have to wonder if Michael O’Hearn has done the exact same thing. Call it a stirring on his part or overreaction on mine, but I couldn’t help but get excited at the thought of O’Hearn cast in Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: The Age of Ultron for 2015.

In his video released on Twitter, O’Hearn shows off his decorated Christmas tree and of course his canine companions. But it’s what he shows at the beginning of the video that would make a comic book fan wonder. In the first two seconds of video we see a shirt, perhaps worn by O’Hearn, emblazoned with the Avengers’ logo.

Is this a nod to fans that he is set to play a role in the next Avengers film? He’s no stranger to comic books after all. Besides being a fitness model and power lifter, O’Hearn played the role of Clark Kent/Superman in Sandy Collora’s fan film, World’s Finest (2004).

If you think Michael O’Hearn is sending out a message or if he is just simply wearing a comfy shirt around the house, watch his video and decide:

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