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X-Japan’s Back With “Angel” Soaring Up the Charts!

X-Japan 2023 Publicity StillX Japan may well have gone dormant amongst some fans, or disbanded if you believe in other sources, but after eight long years, the team has gotten back together to record a brand new power ballad. Fans are happy, if not elated. “Angel” is now available to stream across various platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. A fill list can be found here:

This band led by YOSHIKI achieved legendary status among rock fans worldwide and while they won’t challenge Elon Musk, they will want their music and fandom to make their stance clear. There’s only one X Japan, and it belongs to this band, not some industrialist who thinks he can rebrand Twitter any way he wants. Fans rallied in support of the music group!

As one of the most successful rock groups in Japanese history, they have rightly earned their name. X Japan toured far and wide. After performing at Coachella, they’ve gone on to play at popular concert venues such as Wembley Arena and Madison Square Garden. They’ve even had sold out performances at the 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome 18 times over!

The last single from X Japan was 2015’s “Born To Be Free,” and the critically-acclaimed documentary film, We Are X was released in 2018 to chronicle their rise.

According to front man YOSHIKI, “Angel” is one of their most personal and emotional ballads.

Angel Album Cover Photo by Yoshiki
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