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Look Out! Space Invaders: World Defense is Taking Over the Skies!

Released July 20th, 2023
Atari and TAITO

Available on Android and iOS

Space Invaders: World Defense has the feel that players should don AR glasses while shooting down the titular pixel aliens in the real world. That’s because, to spin around and search for them means they’re after you rather than to destroy a city! Fortunately, this game limits the area where you can move around in, so you’re not running around the block in search of their entry point to our realm.

Although this game isn’t fully designed to have you witness monsters and UFOs blasting away at city buildings, I have to wonder when digital reality will replace our own. That’s assuming that we are not living in The Matrix; the more structures that are around means more work for the game to internally weave these invaders around. It’s a novel concept that will have most gamers loving this product’s mechanic as a lot of the animation and interaction is truly seamless.

In that regard, this augmented reality game is better than Pokémon GO. That’s because it’s interacting in the environment without having to rely on server data to know what’s going on. Also, you’re on a global leaderboard to track your scores and ranking to save the Earth from being invaded.

The technology involved in bringing Space Invaders: World Defense to life uses Google’s ARCore Geospatial API and Streetscape API. As smartphones get more powerful, I’m waiting for the day objects can get digitised on the fly and be destroyed on a smartphone or tablet screen.

It’s a fun enough game as long as I don’t mind looking like a weirdo at a park or at a city block pointing my smartphone in the sky. Thankfully I don’t have to warn that there aliens descending upon us! It’s only through this lens where I’ll spot these digital invaders. It’ll have an audience as long as people on the streets are not wondering what’s wrong with you. But again, as long as I don’t care what strangers think, I’ll be going through the levels like I was Star Lord dealing with a threat unwilling to let me retire.

Additional levels include going into their dimension too. It’s a better thought out game here, since it feels like I’m flying around the phantom zone. They’re gearing up for a huge invasion, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of the climatic moment from Independence Day. Pretty soon, I’m finding a lot of them who seem to be waiting for their orders. At the same time are sentries who’ll try to destroy me! This level is a lot more engaging than the normal game play, and as for how long I can stay there depends on when the game says it’s time to run!

As a result, I’m thankful this game allows for level advancement fairly quickly. It’s doubtful this game will get a diehard following. In order for AR gaming to succeed in the outdoors means using more than just a smartphone to interact with the environment.

3 Stars out of 5



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