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AmPM’s Ready to be ‘Traveling Without Moving’ and Track Listing

AMPM Traveling Without Moving Album CoverAmPM’s debut album ‘Traveling Without Moving’ is finally here, and it’s jet-set on taking listeners to a sonic journey that best represents what Tokyo, Jakarta, Amsterdam and New York City is all about! And the best part of this release is that it features guest vocalists from the UK, Singapore and Japan (11 talents in total), including hotly tipped Lilly Ahlberg and RAENE.

From the Press Release:

This album encapsulates the essence of exploration, experiences, and personal reflections on travelling. Through their imaginative lyrics, AmPm and their featured vocalists delve into the emotions, memories, and impressions associated with these vibrant metropolises. “Travelling is an integral part of our lives, and we have drawn inspiration from our own journeys,” explained the band. “This album serves as a window into our personal stories, inviting listeners to experience the diverse emotions associated with travelling. Each city represented in the album holds significance to us, whether it be Tokyo, Jakarta, Amsterdam, or New York City. We wanted to create a musical narrative that captures the essence of these cities and the unique feelings they evoke.”

This song draws on inspiration from a broad spectrum of electronic genres, with house at its heart. The album brings together a collection of lighter-than-air pop songs which immerse listeners in a world of sonic bliss. Each track takes on a unique identity, blending infectious melodies, lush harmonies, and pulsating rhythms. “We have created a work that can give an individually unique experience to our listeners,” say the band. “We also wanted to fully express house music, which is at the core of our sound. It’s a very original sound; a sense of pop, but also with speed and exuberance, with house music at the heart of it. This album is a signature of what AmPm are, and we’re proud to say that we’ve made a house music album that represents the year 2023.”

To whet fans appetites, an animated music video featuring a DJ mix of songs from the album is available to view on YouTube. It was produced in collaboration with UltraSuperNew, an up-and-coming creative group from Asia. They have been crowned Independent Agency of the Year for two consecutive years. Not only does it reference each city from each song that travels the world, but also hits the same tones as going through a wormhole. That is, time and space gets explored too.

Download & streaming links:

About AmPM

This electronic music duo made their blistering debut in 2017 with, ‘Best Part of Us feat. Michael Kaneko’ . The same year, they were the only Japanese artists to perform at Spotify On Stage in Indonesia. Following this, they dominated stages around the world, from Ultra Miami to shows in Korea and Japan, and a headline concert in New York. In addition to releasing their own original music, AmPm have remixed tracks for the great and good of electronic music including Afrojack, R3HAB and Nicky Romero.

The decision to keep their identities hidden was born out of both practicality and a desire to transcend barriers. The duo’s experiences as Asian DJs in global music scenes revealed prejudices and discrimination, leading them to seek a way to let their music speak for itself. They said, “We remember many people rejecting Asians performing dance music in Western clubs. They would not listen to the music because it was dance music made by Asians. We had even been harassed, like having the power unplugged, and beer being poured on us while DJing.” Taking additional inspiration from the anonymity and storytelling power of the audience wearing masks in the immersive show ‘Sleep No More’ in New York City, AmPm adopted masks as their symbol, allowing their music to communicate directly with listeners.

‘Traveling Without Moving’ track listing:

  1. Interlude – Tokyo
  2. Tokyo on My Mind feat. Nathan Hartono
  3. Streets of Tokyo feat. Michael Kaneko
  4. Fall Back feat. MoMo
  5. Interlude – Jakarta
  6. Wake Up feat. Lilly Ahlberg
  7. Haven feat. Hana Hope
  8. Holding You Back feat. Kenya Fujita
  9. Interlude – Amsterdam
  10. Cinnamon Chai
  11. Sweet Escape feat. RAENE
  12. Amsterdam Maybe feat. SHIMA
  13. Interlude – New York City –
  14. Good Life feat. mimiko
  15. West Side
  16. Stranger Things
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