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Fortunately, Unboxing The Transformers Limited Edition Steelbook 6-Movie Collection is a Cinch!


Available to order on Amazon USA
Release Date: May 30, 2023

Thankfully, unlike some of Hasbro’s toys where some of the Cybertronians are not easy to figure out in regards to how they transform back and forth, unboxing the Transformers Limited Edition Steelbook 6-Movie Collection is much easier! I also own Transformers: The Covenant of Primus hardcover book (now out of print), and I’m sometimes scared to move the pieces of that around when I want to access that book in its original packaging; I keep it out than in. Fortunately in this release, pulling a title out to watch while still in this box is a cinch.

The box and discs are designed to sleeve nicely back and forth and it’s not likely to see wear and tear (unlike how the bots look) while proudly displayed. Although we didn’t open up the first disc of the set to reveal the fancy plated Autobot decal (pictured below) that comes with this set, everything a Michael Bay fan would want is redone in a beautiful box set of the first five movies and Bumblebee.

The latter is considered to be a soft reboot of the franchise and the direction puts the franchise in a better place than before. Rewatching this film in 4K was a joy, and the details are perfectly defined when viewed on a HDR 65″ Samsung 4K television, in dynamic picture mode, and a fully installed ATMOS home theatre sound system. In what makes these films what they are is when they put the subwoofer to good use, and it can wake up the neighbourhood when cranked up! Who needs the nearby military base and their choppers flying low when I have my sonic setup!

But instead of reading, please check out my unboxing video and chance to play with my toys too! This box and the sits along very well with my extensive collection of Shockwave toys (yes, I’m a fan of this character in any incarnation), and without further ado:  

For a detailed list of what each film in this The Transformers Limited Edition Steelbook 6-Movie Collection offers as bonus material, please visit the prior article here, and they include links to the films when they first came out.
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