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[Interview] Secret Space UFOs and Darcy Weir, What’s the Connection?

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Darcy Weir is a filmmaker on a mission with his latest series, Secret Space UFOs. He developed a fascination with the idea of a reality concealed from the public at an early age, and it led him down a path of discovery to explore various facets of occult culture.

I’m of a similar mindset, and while I also embrace the scarier side (ghosts) too, he’s more about the cryptids and aliens. They exist, but to get the public to accept they are hiding amongst us means getting to truths few documentaries seldom want to talk about. He believes Ufology is going mainstream, and that’s good for those who want to believe.

In his latest series, titled Secret Space UFOs, he’s exploring everything that is made publicly accessible or spoken of in hushed words. There’s NASA’s First Missions, Apollo 1 to 11, and now Fastwalkers. The latter debuted this week on various streaming channels, and it should’ve been grouped together with his past works. The latest is a continuation, and he said, “I cover a lot of NASA UFOs from 1973 post Apollo missions, all the way up until recent years.”

For people unfamiliar with your past works, can you please introduce yourself?

I have been an independent filmmaker since 2012 and developed a fascination with the idea of a reality that was concealed from the public at a young age, specifically the cover-up of UFOs or possible extraterrestrial visits to Earth. In 2016, I released my first professionally published documentary, which explored the history of Bigfoot/Sasquatch in Canada and the United States. Subsequently, in 2019, I created a follow-up film, and since then, I have published a total of 16 feature-length documentaries. I am particularly intrigued by the fringe theories surrounding our collective reality.

What is your methodology when it comes to making these documentaries?

Early on, when making a documentary I would organise people that were subject matter experts on certain topics, I would put together questions that would lead to a greater answer to that story and based on what I got, the film would be built around that. Nowadays, I script things chronologically and aid in the theory being presented with good archival footage as well as the testimony being provided.

What motivated you to go from exploring Inner Earth (Volcanic UFO Mysteries), to the clandestine and now with outer space (with your recent series, titled Secret Space UFOs)?

I found there to be multiple sources making claims that UFOs were present around Volcanoes and in outer space. So I decided to follow the story and investigate.

Regarding the Apollo Missions, was it hard to find people to interview / have opened up regarding their experiences?

Not as hard as you would think. It seems many people have been following anomalies during the Apollo space missions and I featured not only astronaut testimony but researchers who chased down UFO events in space as well over the years. Much of what I feature in this documentary is footage, pictures, and transcripts as well as the voice recordings from these moon missions. All of which show some presence of either UFOs or moon anomalies.

As for the footage that you presented, were they difficult to acquire?

All the footage came from NASA’s official STI releases over the years. It is possible to find that, it just takes some time.

When did the term Fast Walkers come into use, and how would you define it?

The term “Fast Walkers” emerged in NORAD (Air Force) documents, referring to space-based UFOs that the military tracked over the years. It is known that they began to classify these UFOs as early as the late 1970s. “Fast Walkers” is just another code name given to objects that appear to bounce around in space above the Earth or in our atmosphere, originating from space. “Slow Walkers,” on the other hand, are known or unknown satellites because they move in the typical fashion that one would expect over the planet.

One detail I loved in your work is the attention to detail about the technology used. Had 4K been available back then, would that be a game changer to help identify the features of the alien craft?

To the best of my knowledge, only the military has the capability to possess Far Light Ultraviolet light spectrum cameras, and, of course, organisations like NASA that collaborate with intelligence and military agencies. I believe NASA has access to the best camera technology to conduct accurate scientific observations in space, and they currently use 4K cameras. While this technology could assist in identifying UFOs, it is unlikely that the resulting footage would be released to the public

Which agencies do you think are suppressing information about the existence of aliens? It makes me wonder if they were involved with telling Buzz Aldrin not to say anything to James Fox.

I am of the belief that various agencies such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, Air Force, Navy, as well as foreign intelligence agencies in countries such as Canada and elsewhere, have collected information at some point regarding encounters with UFOs, whether they are experimental aircraft or extraterrestrial in nature. However, I am uncertain about the specific nature of the encounters.

For people interested in looking at your past works and your Secret Space UFOs series, which platform is best to find them all?

Amazon Prime and Tubi are the two platforms that host most of my documentary films.

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