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A Space for the Unbound Demo is Here for The End of the World

A Space for the Unbound, looks to be more than another anime inspired video game. It’s available to play on various consoles, so nobody will miss out. Here, this heartwarming slice-of-life adventure about a boy and girl with supernatural powers who may have to prevent the end of days.

This product from developer Mojiken Studio and publishers Toge Productions and Chorus Worldwide celebrates its acclaimed launch with the release of an accolades trailer and a demo on the Nintendo Switch.

From the Press Release:

The accolades trailer highlights some of the best reviews from the universal critical acclaim for this melancholic, emotional adventure set in 1990s rural Indonesian . A looming comet collision casts a shadow on existence, causing people to struggle with their mortality in the face of cataclysm.

Sample this slice of life adventure on Nintendo Switch with a free demo, also available on Steam. Meet Atma and Raya, two highschool sweethearts with newly discovered supernatural abilities helping people endure the end of the world – and pet some street cats along the way.

Play A Space For The Unbound today on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For more information, please follow Toge Productions, Mojiken Studio, and A Space For The Unbound, and on Twitter, or visit the official website for Chorus Worldwide.

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