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Are We Ready to Run 3000 Miles of Chang’an?

Light Chaser Animation‘s upcoming 3000 Miles of Chang’an is a radical departure from their New Gods line of films, and it’s only a mere six or seven months away from release! In what I could dig up about this upcoming title is that the story will focus on a different aspect of Chinese History. Instead of focusing on further heroics from characters from classic folklore, what this latest tale will deal with is brotherly love, and the life and times of two famous poets.

Perhaps the switch is for the better. As much as I love to see further adventures from Ne Zha and Yang Jian from the New Gods series of films, perhaps they are meant to be sunsetted in favour for further tales to expound on a world today’s Chinese children don’t know about.

Although the tease at the end of New Gods: Yang Jian suggested Monkey will get to tell his story about those times from his persepctive, I suspect that won’t happen anytime soon.

Instead of adapting “The Foursome of Nine Dragon Island” from Investiture of the Gods–which would’ve been great to see next–this studio is offering a different run of works which will encompass a New Culture universe.

The clip alluding to Chang’an is available on Sam’s Animation Reaction’s YouTube channel.

While this work bears the marks of a softer, non action type tale, I’m left wondering what the plot will truly be about. Just how will one series blend into another? That’s the big question I have. In a statement to, Director Zou Jing revealed:

…the biggest difference between the “New Culture” series and the previous works is that it will take the flashy characters and classic works that are widely respected in history. It’s all done for audiences to gain a deeper understanding and love for the history and classic works of the Chinese nation–and to inherit and show the confidence and power of our culture in the contemporary era.

The film will focus on the life experiences and profound friendship of the two great poets, Li Bai and Gao Shi, who also had many famous writers, artists and patriotic generals in their contemporaries. In the film, you will see the group portraits of these outstanding people, and feel their talents and lofty ideals. Their feelings of serving the country with their own bodies, even in the past thousand years, still have the power to move the young people of today. (Edited for clarity)

As for whether the divine gets involved, that depends on if this future run of films is supposed to connect with the old series. It’s safe to say the New Culture will be about just that, and the tales take place in the mortal realm, unaffected by the conflict in heaven and beyond.

And as for why Three Thousand Miles of Chang’an matters, most scholars know of its historical significance. Although we have a plot outline, there may be more factors nuanced in the narrative. Perhaps we’ll see how the various regional religions come to head in this township, where the Silk Road starts. Instead of gods walking amongst men, it’ll be spiritual leaders trying to convince the masses their way is right.

GKIDS will most likely bring this title to America too. They’ve been quick on the other Light Chaser Animation titles, and I’m glad. Both companies have been knocking it out of the park with a string of releases worth waiting for. Even though this upcoming work differs from others, I’ll remain a supporter since they know how to deliver the romance of the three kingdoms.

3000 Miles of Chang’an Full Trailer

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