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Godzilla Day is Tomorrow! How are you Going to Roar in 2022?

Godzilla DayNov 3, 2022

From one monster bash to another, Godzilla Day is nearly here, and he’ll be 68 years old! Everyone can join in the fun world-wide and as for how we’ll be celebrating this event in Canada (Victoria, BC to be specific), we have combed through the lists to find what is appropriate. Even though the big are Japan and USA, that’s okay.

The real exclusives will be found at Kinokuniya Book Stores online store, and for those buying shirts, please bear in mind the metric system is much smaller than American. Best to buy two sizes up to be safe.

As for elsewhere, thankfully there are a few streaming options to make the thrill possible. We present a list of what to watch, read or play with!

Screenings (Theatrical and Streaming)


For a limited time, Jade City Foods will offer the ultimate “Godzilla” hot sauce to go with Langer’s “Godzilla”-Sized Pastrami Sandwich. This infamous Los Angeles-based deli will offer patrons a mega-sized meal throughout the week of Nov 3 for Godzilla Day, but you have to live in the area to get it.

In another part of the world, Yokocho Ramen in London has a limited edition set menu for patrons to choose from. It sounds good, but what about locally? Thankfully, we have Sushi Island in Victoria, BC to make acknowledging Godzilla Day possible. They have two super heroic sized rolls–one for Marvel Comics fans and the other for Toho’s beast worth noting. We got to try both, and they are a meal! To note, these are not officially sanctioned products.

Retail and Merch

Best of Amazon USA

Toys available on Amazon – Bandai Movie Monster Series

The criteria here are affordability (for the kids to play with), the quality of the build and how realistic they look when compared to the cinema version. They are: Godzilla Millennium, Godzilla 2019, Gigan (2004), Mechagodzilla (Heavily Armed Type), and Destoroyah.

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