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In A Kingdom of the Dinosaurs, Who Can Survive?

Kingdom of the Dinosaurs

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Kingdom of the Dinosaurs won’t fill the void that’s missing for fans of this genre. Jurassic World is over. In order to get a proper giant reptile fix these days requires searching digital services for indie works or simply subscribing to Discovery Plus. Scott Jeffrey‘s movie shows a world ruled by the said species, and humanity is just trying to escape becoming some behemoth’s next meal.

The year is 2030 and World War III has forced many people to hide. If they haven’t died from the radiation, then starvation will. After two years, one group is running out of supplies and has to leave their bunker to scavenge. Daniel (Clint Gordon), Drew (Mark Haldor) and Mia (Antonia Whillans) head out to find a world not run by humans anymore, and Louise (Chelsea Greenwood) is alone–she’s pregnant. This woman doesn’t sit around for too long since a non-moving target is easy prey.

But in what this group finds is a government experiment gone wrong. The dinosaurs they’ve created are loose, and they now rule the wasteland that was once North America.

Kingdom of Dinosaurs tries to honour the Jurassic Park formula. Instead of a thoughtful film, it’s more of a popcorn style B-flick in the same vein as a Michael Bay product–but minus the explosions. There isn’t too much character development in this film since it is easy to see most are fated to die. Instead of investing in making me care for these folks, I was making bets in who would go first, second and third…

That can make watching this film a fun game. Unfortunately, once when you see it once, there’s no need to watch it again. As a result, it should be of no surprise this filmmaker’s products often head to free streaming services so those willing to sit through his movie again doesn’t have to pay a rental fee.

To compare his works to Ed Wood may well be an understatement. How he likes to produce genre films by the dozen, and apparently he has a following. As for whether they’ll stand the time, we’ll have to wait for an epoch to pass to know for certain.

3 Stars out of 5

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