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Five Top and Hot End of Summer and Reads By A Dark Horse

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The Summer isn’t truly over yet, and while I’ve been kept busy in other fronts, I’ll still stick to Dark Horse Comics to get my graphic novel fix. Technically, the changing of the seasons will not take place till Sept 22, so I knew I still had time.

In what I’ve found (and let pile up) are paperback collections of those titles I didn’t want to pick up on a monthly basis, and graphic novels which are truly fantastic. Some of which I’ve finished reading, am rereading–and others I’ll be spending my Labour Day weekend to catch up on!

Adventure is in the air when I want to dodge that heat. All these titles I recommend are available to purchase at your local comic book store or online (any sales made through the links I’ve provided help supports this site). I recommend the following:

Stranger Things Summer Special

This story considers the experiences that officer Powell and Callahan still have to face since appearing in season three. As they deal with the various threats in Hawkins, Indiana, what I find is they are in over their heads….

And there’s also good news. For readers who missed the past seasonal special releases, a Holiday Specials trade paperback can be pre-ordered on Amazon USA. And for everyone who has missed out on what other side-stories exist, I highly recommend catching up with Stranger Things Omnibus Vol 1.

Beastlands: Keepers of the Kingdom

This trade paperback collects the individual issues of this all ages fantasy, and it’s a must for anyone who loves How to Train Your Dragon! While other critics compare this to Pokémon, I think the DreamWorks version says a lot about what readers can discover.

Here, Mac, Ava, and Ping struggle to help each other out along with the creatures they discover. They are known as the keepers, and these creatures are more than magical guardians of the land. They’ll also bond with the humans they associate with, and it’s heartwarming to see how they help this trio together. But when the king declared their extermination because of one misunderstood deed, not everyone is going to agree.

The Hellbound Volume 2

Anyone who loves Netflix’s Hellbound will be glad the graphic novel release is now available in full! Two organisations are dealing with the chaos of souls being lost. In the live-action series, the New Truth Society and Arrowhead group are making grabs for power during this time, and can either be trusted? I won’t say who is worse.

However, in the graphic novel, “The reality of hell on Earth has reached new heights following many public massacres. The fear-stricken public reexamines their lives, while others find refuge in cults, religious dogma, and internet hearsay. It is time to make amends and face the mistakes of the past–atone.” (from the website.)

Now that both volumes are available, I can see where Yeon Sang-ho (writer) and Choi Gyu-seok (artists) wanted to go. After seeing the live-action, this horror pulp has a lot more to salivate over. Volume One can be purchased here.

Hellboy Universe Essentials: Witchfinder Trade Paperback

Here, one of Sir Edward Grey’s first cases takes place in Victorian London and concerns The Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra. This trade collects In the Service of Angels #1-#5. But there’s more to discover about this detective. He’s had many more adventures, which includes: Lost and Gone Forever, Mysteries of Unland, City of the Dead, Gates of Heaven, and the Reign of Darkness.

For newcomers wanting all the comics, Witchfinder Omnibus Volume 1 is still in print.

Orphan and the Five Beasts

Anyone who missed out on reading this kung-fu epic by James Stokoe when it was released earlier this year, can pick up this trade paperback edition. This artist is renowned for his richly detailed work and am surprised that this publisher hasn’t considered a coffee table sized hardcover edition! It could still be coming, but the press releases I’ve received have not suggested this plan (yet).

I examined the first issue at the comic book shop and online, and knew it is best to wait for this collected edition. I’m glad that I can now read how Orphan Mo doles out justice in one complete run rather than one issue at a time. It’s a martial art epic not to be missed if my accessment of the first chapter is enough.

Star Wars: Rebels Trade Paperback

I can watch this series on an infinite loop and back when it first aired, I wondered if there were other releases to consider solo adventures. I enjoyed Greg Weisman’s Kanan, by Marvel Comics, and strangely, didn’t realise there was a magazine too. Furthermore, I’m thankful Dark Horse Comics negotiated the rights to republish the comic from the 40 issues released.

Although the art is not on par with an in-house talent release, I feel no Star Wars: Rebels fans can go without owning.

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