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Fox and Hare’s All Explosive Cyberpunk Action! (and May 25th Release)

Fox and Hare #1 From Vault ComicsNot to be confused with the stop-motion animated series of the same name, Fox and Hare, by Vault Comics is all cyberpunk! That’s a good thing for the duo who take on this codename about two bounty hunters, or should that be mercenaries? Because of unforeseen circumstances, this comic originally slated for November 2021 was delayed. But it’s on track for release ‌soon.

Jon Tsuei (writer) and Stacey Lee (artist) have crafted a work that brings the colourful aesthetics from Blade Runner to life. It’s not as noir as the film, but instead comes through as slick and clean. Lee’s manga style presentation gives us a work that truly shows how Asian talents can reclaim the aesthetics of the cyberpunk genre. These talents wanted to demonstrate this ability, and I feel this debut issue does the job.

The tale even has the feel of being like the classic Bubblegum Crisis anime. Instead of high-flying superheroes, we have two mercs able to power-up in their suits, and do some good in Mazu Bay. Technically, all they wear are helmets and light armour. To wear anything heavier wouldn’t make sense, since it’d weigh them down in battle. They aren’t Iron Man either. And the designs make them easy to identify.

What the first issue of Fox and Hare introduces is a tale of violence in the various social hierarchies, and oppression. Much like The Batman, the only solution is to fight back with violence than through accords. Amid all this chaos is a genius computer hacker, Aurora Yi. What she finds is almost akin to The Matrix. It’s hard not to pay homage to this movie that made the genre hip, but as for dealing with the enemy that wants absolute control of it, that’ll be up for the gang to deal with, and following this series.

They have Synastry Designs, Prime Minister Moorehouse, and the deadly tiger of the streets, Raja, to deal with. They all have an agenda, and as for who’ll be the big evil will require readers to stay tuned and follow this series to a huge battle royale. I feel that’ll be the climax and let’s hope this comic will be released on a regular monthly schedule. Working on a comic during the pandemic can be hard.

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