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Is Sonic the Hedgehog Two or Three Times the Coming Thing?

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie PosterIn the sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog, the speedster lost his world to a war between different animal tribes. The first film revealed how his owl guardian sent him off to another planet to stay safe, like Superman. The humans he’s met–Tom (James Marsden) and Maddie Wachowski (Tika Sumpter)–became his surrogate parents.

Sonic doesn’t have the chops for super heroics in the introduction. It’s easy to tell he (fondly voiced by Ben Schwartz) takes after the heroes from the comic books he reads, like the aforementioned crusader and The Flash from the DC universe. Alternatively, he’s even like Quicksilver in 20th Century Studios’ X-Men (prequel) cinematic universe. The visual reminders are needed since not everyone will remember the visual direction and story arc the first film sets up. This sequel takes place a few months after.

Commander Walters (Tom Butler) is back and the reason behind one of the subplots. All the key supporting characters return as they play a role in either Sonic’s well being or wanting to study his power.

In this latest outing, he’ll have to face villains of his own making. This hedgehog must face Doctor Robotnik/Egghead (Jim Carrey) again and deal with a new adversary. Knuckles the Echidna (Idris Elba) comes from Sonic’s world and looks to restore his tribe’s honour by soundly defeating him. However, there’s more to this character than meets the eye. I’m sure he was asked to act like a certain Klingon. Michael Dorn must be grinning.

Even Miles “Tails” Prower (Colleen O’Shaughnessey) can take a cue from Data. But it is not the beloved character from the science fiction series. It’s the boy carrying a bunch of crazy gadgets from The Goonies. The style of adventure both he and Sonic undertake is straight out that that film and the games are similar in approach. Tails often helps fly Sonic to places to find lost treasure (rings in this film’s case) to help defeat his enemies. The gems are more than powerups.

Sonic’s anthropomorphic team must become the next Guardians of the Galaxy so they can manage a Thanos level threat. The former protectors get an origin story worthy of a comic book, and what’s teased is that whoever controls even one crystal can bend reality. It won’t be good if Robotnik gets it. He curiously abandons all attempts to harness Sonic the Hedgehog’s quills to create cold fusion. He thinks becoming a god is better.

With no surprise, Carrey continues to steal the show with his trademark humour. I’ve noted this in my review of the first film and am loving this series more because of him than the speedster. He’s even more unhinged, and the mania makes him nastier than before. He’s unlike the cartoons (which I revisited on Netflix) after seeing this film. This live action version is far more comically menacing.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 surpasses the first one because writers Pat Casey and Josh Miller incorporated much of the video game’s lore into the narrative, and I like what they’ve introduced. There are overarching plot holes to address. The gem placed on Earth must exist there for a reason. Hopefully, the development for the third film tells all.

4 Stars out of 5

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