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Spider-Man has No Way Home to Altered Realities….

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) - IMDbBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Spoiler Alert

By now, most fans of Spider-Man have seen No Way Home. It’s a game-changer in terms of what his new role is in the MCU and it sets the stage for new films by Sony, where Peter Parker’s life has drastically changed. Nobody knows who this person is. Only we know he is the masked webslinger.

The spell Doctor Strange cast won’t turn back time; It can, however, have far-reaching effects, which means altering the multiverse in problematical ways which Wong warned about. I read that as other versions of Peter Parker can get their life affected. Unless the spell has all the terms neatly defined (that is, to state only Earth-616 is affected) anything can happen. All we got to see are the runes being cast and forming rifts. We see some kind of being take notice (perhaps setting up his upcoming movie) and cross over, but the magician quickly put the malfunctioning spell in some kind of container.

The problem of Peter asking for changes mid-spell caused the original incantation to go awry. If the lives of all Peter Parkers did get affected, we see that with the return of Tobey Mcguire (his relationship with MJ is unique) and Andrew Garfield (stil reeling from the death of his Gwen) perhaps turned Batman. We’re going to need someone like The Beyonder or Madame Web to fix those alternate lives affected by the desire of Pete from one universe.

A few facts are certain. 

I’m glad Tom Holland will play the character for much longer. I thought all we’d get is a trilogy, but with the various spinoffs existing in their own pocket universe, to get a unification is still uncertain. We know the multiverse exists because of Into the Spider-verse, but as for whether that’ll get put into a singular place, keeping tabs will simply mean following all the movies that both Marvel Entertainment and Sony are planning.

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