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The Music’s with Macross Frontier Galaxy Live 2021 Revenge Livestream!

Macross Frontier - WikipediaDate and Time:
Nov 10th, 2021 – 7:00 pm JST Start time
(11/10 10:00am BST // 5:00 am EST // 2:00am PST)

* Archive period: Thursday, November 11th, 2021 12:00am JST – Thursday, November 11th, 2021 11:59pm JST

Ticket Price: 42.99 USD (via Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop link here).

Macross Frontier fans across the world can go online to enjoy the livestream “MacrossF Galaxy Live 2021 – Revenge,” which will broadcast globally from Makuhari Event Hall in Japan.

This show will feature the wonderful voices of the musical stars of Macross FrontierMay’n as Sheryl Nome and Megumi Nakajima as Ranka Lee – whose songs have gained the anime a massive worldwide fan base. The concert will also be screened in movie theaters across Japan, and overseas viewers can rewatch the concert any time during the 24-hour archive period. Together, the duo has recorded several memorable songs from the series which topped the Oricon music charts, such as “Diamond Crevasse,” “Seikan Hikou,” “Northern Cross,” and “Lion.” In 2018, they released the 10th Anniversary single “Good job!” This will be the first time Sheryl and Ranka will perform a livestream concert for a global audience.

The latest film in the series, Macross Frontier: Tokino Meikyu (Labyrinth of Time), will be released in theaters on October 8th, 2021, in Japan. The movie’s theme song “Tokino Meikyu” will be released on November 10th, 2021, the day of the global livestream. This release will be the first single from Macross Frontier in 3 years.

“Good job!” (MV) feat. Sheryl Nome starring May’n / Ranka Lee starring Megumi Nakajima – 10th Anniversary Single

Macross Frontier anime was created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the sci-fi series Macross, which has aired continuously in Japan since 1982. Movie adaptations of the series have been screened in theaters as Macross Frontier: The False Songstress and Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye, making it one of the most popular titles in the franchise.

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