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Putting Together the Pieces on why We Want to Believe in the #Paranormal

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The finale to JoBlo’s streaming video paranormal investigative program We Want to Believe “The Demon Jar” is now available to watch! For anyone wanting a crash course in the meat and potatoes of what happens in a paranormal investigation, this episode serves it up par excellence and comes to a satisfying conclusion which is very informational!

Newcomers to this hobby may not necessarily get a breakdown of the evidence that can be obtained when attempting to solve a mystery in a book. There are fifteen types which can be captured during a night, and I’d be tempted to argue that auditory should be its own category. To continue showing what investigators can do in the digital realm to hear that faded voice in the background is not necessarily child’s play. Unless someone shows you what’s available to use (I have a guitar amp pedal in my setup), the newbie may not necessarily think of attempting to ramp up the sonic signal!

There are a lot of publications available to inform folks about that first time attempt. With the Vancouver Paranormal Society, they have all the tools of the trade to use, but it always boils down to the personal experience. We see that in this last chapter. We also see something weird go on with the Demon Jar. Is there a spirit inside? Could there be a ghost in the bottle? Most programs leave that decision for the viewer to decide, and this series is the same. Presented in its entirety so you don’t have to search Joblo’s YouTube page for the pieces are all four parts so you too can judge for yourself!





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