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Fool Munn Komming heads to Vancouver Fringe Festival!

null 33By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

There’s no way to easily describe what Fool Munn Komming is about. I can summarize and describe what Sam Kruger is doing on stage. To say he’s a spitfire of energy is a start.

He plays an alien which hatches out of a bag and looks at the audience like a chick wondering where mommy went. Every once in a while, he’s like Jim Carrey ala Ace Ventura or Steve Martin as Captain Smek from DreamWorks Home. We know he’s an alien from some unknown world who has come to our planet to share some experiences about his life.

He idolizes Oprah Winfrey, David Bowie and Mahatma Gandhi. Just why, we’re not fully certain. Perhaps they represent some aspect of the human condition which makes this planet special and this show is to show what the best in us represents from an alien perspective Or, quite simply, he’s attracted to them and hopes to have an encounter. I’m not sure. This performer one half poet and another half sexual miscreant. He’s not Mork from Ork, but he comes damn close to even offering a few Robin Williams type moments.

I’ve seen many absurdist comedies in my time with Fringe and must say this one is the most bizarre. Anyone who enjoys this genre are advised to check this work out. If you struggle with understanding Monty Python, then just move along, there’s nothing to find here.

Fool Munn Komming continues at Vancouver Fringe Festival, starting Sept 7, 2019. For tickets and a complete list of showtimes, please visit here.

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