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Celebrating 80 Years of Batman with a Silver Coin!


Hold on to your wallet, Bat-man! The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is offering a limited run of a very cool collectible for investors and collectors alike. Only 10,000 coins will be pressed. The iconic bat logo will be put on 99.99% silver and this item is made to celebrate 80 years of Batman! DC Comics have their plans ready for release in March of next year; however, collectors can get this item before Christmas.

The reason behind using Batman’s iconic logo is because, during the 1940s, the series saw many important elements introduced into the lore. The first use of the Bat-Signal in Detective Comics #60. Batman’s support team have changed over the years. Whether they stood the test of time is subject to debate. This symbol resonates because it is so universally recognized,

Out of all the comic book tie-in collectibles the mint has offered over the years (including a set of Justice League collectibles), this item is the most noteworthy. The past had tie-ins with films, which became a mainstay with the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Anniversaries of when the characters first came out are more appealing, and this is one I’m certainly eyeing to join in with my 75th-anniversary coin of Superman.

Amongst collectors, first appearances of any kind make for a good keepsake and often go up in value as the popularity of the title (or special appearances of specific characters) grows. Older comic books are particularly noteworthy. The Comics Guaranty Company is considered by many as the defacto service to get Golden or Silver Age era gems graded, just to up their value. Their service includes putting them in clamshells to preserve not only the condition but also prevent dirty hands from ever touching them. This service exists for monetary items (offered by other companies). True to form, the RCM will have this coin encased and presented in a branded clamshell to make this item worth displaying. When considering it glows brightly in the night, owners can be rest assured–Batman will be protecting them.

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