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Interstellar Art Gets Multipled by Three!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Poster art aficionados may well want to attempt to obtain a complete set of Interstellar prints. Two more 12×16″ posters were released by IMAX and AMC theatres over Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America for anyone willing to tear themselves away from tradition and see this film on Thursday night. So far, eBay is the only place to find them for folks who missed this opportunity or are not living in the States.

Artist Kevin Dart created a beautiful watercolour world that evokes a sense of Space being viscous. The three planets featured show where former NASA pilot Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and his crew have come and gone. They left Earth in search for a new planet for all of this planet’s citizens to live in, but as viewers already know, they have to face several challenges: on Miller’s planet, there’s nothing but water which grows as high as a mountain because of the influence of a heavier gravitational force upon this planet.

On Mann’s planet (not Saturn), there’s a black hole looming nearby. This particular print is far more gorgeous than the others. Unlike previous depictions of what a black hole looks like, this particular take is theoretically more accurate than a tempestuous toilet flush into nothingness. Only AMC theatre goers were able to lay their hands on this print.

Hopefully if the patient can find a complete set of prints, they can be framed to be displayed properly as a triptych. Some poster resellers might be assembling these packages so fans can buy them when convention season starts up. If the demand is there, maybe IMAX corporation or Dart might start selling full sets online. Last time this company offered a group of posters was with the first The Hobbit movie. It’d be a shame if completists were not given the option to find what they need.

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