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Spider-Man 2 Trailer Rips into Times Square! (and Thoughts)

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Spider-Man fans may well want to tear into this latest trailer for story clues. Released on New Year’s Eve, this trailer teases at a big fight in Time Square and fortunately, it does not look like it is happening around the same date … or does it? Plenty of people are seen converging upon this famous intersection in New York City and the inter-titles suggests a big party is going on.

In this short, not only does one villain appear, namely Electro, but also there seems to be two more waiting in the wings! Rhino gets a massive upgrade ala the mechanical Green Goblin suit which may borrow an idea from Sam Raimi’s version, and it’s this behemoth that I’ll be looking forward to seeing. I’m sorry, Jamie Foxx, but although you look terrifying as Electro, it’s the mechanical Perissodactyla that is drawing me in to supporting this film.

Normally, I do not get into a reboot of a trilogy as much as the original. Raimi put a lot of heart into the first and second film. I had no problems with Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. Andrew Garfield is just as fitting, but I’m still scratching my head at how the heck his massive cotton ball hairdo manages to fit under the Spidey mask! As for the third film, I’m sure Raimi had to deal with Sony execs saying this is how this movie should go and that added pressure was that film’s downfall.

As I’m watching the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer for the fifth time, my opinion is slowly being turned. I am not too excited about a third bad guy seen floating in the shadows, but this new trailer is certainly making the second movie look good. Who knows, by the third movie, will the Sinister Six be introduced? At the rate the build-up is going for this set of movies, it’s certainly looking that way. But please, no Venom! That’s just a character that I really do not see working at all in the live-action front. He did not work in Raimi’s version of the trilogy and honestly, he should not be brought back for this Amazing series or given his own film. In cartoons, no problem.

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