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[Victoria Fringe 2023] Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry isn’t the Same ol’ Same Ol’

Barry Potter Throws ConfettiAustralian Comedian-Magician Tim Motley has a new act called Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry, and thankfully his famous Dirk Darrow personality is not being retired! This new persona is related to the famous Harry of a certain J.K. Rowling fame (or should that be Warner Bros.?), and what’s presented is a look at everything that’s been made to date; even the stage play about the Cursed Child is along with Fantastic Beasts. And the way he brings this world together is simply marvellous.

Although the show is familiar, using the same repertoire of magical trickery to engage audiences and also the sealed envelope trick, the way this talent makes this show different is with his rapid-fire delivery of puns. They are moments that would even impress Tom McGrath (who voices Skipper in Penguins of Madagascar). Timing is everything and Motley is a master. The only reason I make this comparison is that I saw the DreamWorks movie two days prior. I noticed the word play with names was exactly the same!

Also, his legerdemain has to be solid. Otherwise, it’s easy to see how he can manipulate a deck of playing cards. While I’m guessing he’s marking them somehow, it’s hard to tell. As for what he pulled off with using every single card possible to tell the full story of Harry Potter is super impressive!

And with enough oohs and aahs from the sold-out shows he’s given, it’s safe to say Motley has a hit on his hands. It debuted this year at other Fringe festivals to sell out performances!

Potterheads were certainly there for opening night at the local show, and nobody even tried to challenge him on the lore. There’s some history to why he played this character, and that’ll be revealed in the short interview I conducted afterwards (to be published soon). As for where this show will apparate to next, please follow the social media page on Facebook at

Tickets can be bought in advance through Intrepid Theatre’s website here.

Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry Remaining Shows

Sep 01 09:45 pm
Sep 02 03:15 pm
Sep 03 05:00 pm

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