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Netflix’s Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy Hardly Lays Seige

9 Aug

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Ever since the Prime Wars trilogy and Cyberverse moved the action away from Earth and made the focus on the robots in disguise home world, keeping up with Hasbro’s ever changing Transformers franchise is not always worthwhile. The missing elements which made up why I loved the Generation One series and Prime (2010) are gone. In what’s missing is the idea of making a toon for kids to enjoy.

The War for Cybertron trilogy is more for the long time adult fan who always wanted that backstory told. The narrative that’s developed for part one of a three part arc is very dark and bleak. It hardly laid “siege” on my interest. Bumblebee is not the same fun loving bot that we know of. Megatron’s agenda to dominate gets a bigger development arc which suggests Rooster Teeth, Allspark Animation and Polygon Pictures were looking at some of IDW’s published works and going further with it.

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Putting Together the Pieces on why We Want to Believe in the #Paranormal

5 Aug

nullBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The finale to JoBlo’s streaming video paranormal investigative program We Want to Believe “The Demon Jar” is now available to watch! For anyone wanting a crash course in the meat and potatoes of what happens in a paranormal investigation, this episode serves it up par excellence and comes to a satisfying conclusion which is very informational!

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Nimue is Beguiling but Netflix’s Cursed May be Just That

20 Jul

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Netflix’s Cursed is a curious beast. It’s a retelling of a retelling (based on the novel of the same name by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller) of the Arthurian legend from the point of view of Nimue (Katherine Langford). In most versions of the legend, she’s an enchantress–the Lady of the Lake–who gives King Arthur the mighty sword, Excalibur. She also wooed Merlin, stole his power and entombed him.

The wizard we see here is nothing like the one portrayed in literature. VikingsGustaf Skarsgård gives this interpretation a I’m without a purpose act. He’s not wise beyond his years and is more of an empty shell when we first meet him. His tale picks up closer to the end, which includes the eventual encounter with this teenage princess, but any idea of a romance is never alluded to.

Much of the tale takes place with Uther Pendragaon (Sebastian Armesto) at the throne. The young Arthur (Devon Terrell) we meet in this version has some African blood in him!

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The Internet, or is it the Interview of Everything? The Future is Connectivity

20 Mar

Broadcast Premiere
March 22, 2020
on CBC Docs

9:00 PM EST
and will stream on CBC GEM afterwards

The cyberpunk revolution is here. No, we don’t have massive corporations in control yet, but the Internet–the backbone of what drives data back and forth between the user and computer systems–is considered everywhere. Brett Gaylor‘s The Internet of Everything nicely explores where we are at presently and perhaps where it will go.

His documentary suggests two possibilities: It will either be a surveillance nightmare or an eco-utopia. The outcome is based on what start-ups in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen will offer. Gaylor is a tech junkie much like how I am. We both hail from Victoria, British Columbia with its own unique tech scene. This city has a technology park interested in creating a future for all to enjoy.

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