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The Lastest with The Last Rockstars! Tour Schedule Updates and Music Video Launch!

22 Dec

The Last RockstarsThe Last Rockstars, a newly formed outfit comprised of four of Japan’s biggest rock stars – YOSHIKI, HYDE, SUGIZO, and MIYAVI have announced the release of their first single on Melodee Music, aptly titled “The Last Rockstars (Paris Mix),” will be on Friday, December 23rd.

This single will be distributed globally by Ingrooves Music Group to music streaming services, and this service is part of Virgin Music Group, the newly formed global independent music division of Universal Music Group. On this website, Melodee is described to be a next-generation platform connecting artists and creators with their fans.

This release marks the first of what will be a big roll out of new music to come from the group throughout 2023. 


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One Member of WARPs UP is now INTO1 SANTA with a New Single

26 Nov

into1santaFollowing Uno Santa (宇野賛多)’s soaring popularity on the mega-hit Chinese show ‘CHUANG2021’, where he formed the boyband INTO1, this Japanese artist has rebranded himself as with the anglicised INTO1 SANTA just in time for the upcoming holiday. He’s also  released new single ‘I’m from…’ on November 25.

This young man personally selected the concept for the song, which features autobiographical lyrics that tell a personal story where he tells how he managed to achieve his dreams. The video shows gratitude to the family, friends and fans who have supported him along the way. He said, “This song tells my story. As the title ‘I’m from…’ suggests, it is based on my past experiences. These experiences could only have been achieved with the support of my family, friends and all of you, and they have allowed me to become who I am today – and to love myself.

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