Beat the Heat with AmPM, CARTOON & YELLOCK with Summer Drive feat. Icazahra!

It’s hot in the city with a huge collab between Japan’s best DJ’s and EDM artists getting together with Summer Drive feat. Icazahra!

Summer Drive Single CoverThe season is right for Japanese masked production duo AmPm, tech-house DJ and producer CARTOON and virtual human artist YELLOCK, along with Japan-based singer-songwriter and Indonesian diva singer Icazahra, to bring ‘Summer Drive feat. Icazahra’ to the airwaves! This track is one way to dance the night away, and it’s the perfect release to signal the end of this eason.

The new track is a collaboration born from the popular music show ‘Unknown Studio’ broadcast in Japan by ABC TV. The song combines Icazahra’s beautiful singing voice with AmPm’s synth sound and a lot more from CARTOON+YELLOCK, resulting in a house music gem. If you’re just as curious as we are, the streaming links can be found on this landing page:

There’s no music video, and listeners can visit this YouTube Music page to listen to this mix-genre work. Band bios are as follows:

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Musician Shiki Miyoshino Debut Single is Ready to Debut Come July 12, 2023!

Japanese gothic music has a new cheerleader, and her name is Shiki Miyoshino!

Shiki Miyoshino Promotional ImageShiki Miyoshino  (美吉野しき) , an American-born singer and virtual talent who belongs to PRISM Project, has announced her major debut with Sony Music Labels Inc. Her first single, titled “Hanahaki Syndrome,” is set to be released on July 12, and ahead of its release is the album cover to be used!

This siren is an occultic inugami born from the wandering souls of dog owners who have lost their passion. She is lively and cheerful and has a deep love for music, horror, and, of course, dogs. These older videos can be viewed on her YouTube channel.

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NAQT VANE is VANE with their Second Debut Single

Following their debut in September with ‘Break Free,’ NAQT VANE are planning a steady stream of new material.

NAQT VANELed by producer/composer Hiroyuki Sawano, who has provided music for movies, anime, TV shows and artists, the new team music project NAQT VANE released their second digital single, ‘VANE’, on November 2, 2022.

The song shares the same concept as NAQT VANE themselves: Creating an uplifting tailwind to encourage those who have a challenger spirit. Vocalist Harukaze’s strong yet gentle voice offers unflinching support, with an inspiring message for those of us who are trying hard to live our best life. In Japan, ‘VANE’ has been selected as the theme song for the historic Women’s Ekiden long-distance road relay, which is celebrating its 37th year.

Based on the concept that “the song that paves the way will never die”, the music video shows an ever-flowing stream of images referencing elements of “place” such as cities, commuter towns and countryside regions, along with symbols of “time” such as morning, noon and night. While the video to NAQT VANE’s debut single ‘Break Free’ used CG to portray a rich graphical world, this time vocalist Harukaze’s performance is front and center, and not to be missed. As if directly referencing the lyric “It’s raining outside, touching my raw nerve”, the video was shot outdoors in the pouring rain, and Harukaze’s deeply emotional side and artistic nature, which had remained veiled until now, have finally been revealed

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WARPS Up HERO_sei with This New Single and Music Video Debut

WARPs UP’s latest single Hero_sei reminds us that even though life in our sometimes orderly modern society can be difficult…

HERO_seiJapanese-Chinese boys’ collective WARPs UP‘s new single HERO_sei is now out. It’s a mid-tempo ballad about living life your own way and is performed by a group who refuse to be confined by their own boundaries. The bold use of colours–of red, white and blue–contrasted against varied backdrops shows how they’re breaking free. Each tone is meaning, as red represents anger, white with sadness and blue with freedom. The progression is very telling.

This second original single released by the group’s two Chinese members LANGYI and MINGJUN, follows January’s single POWER_Shin. Previous songs by WARPs UP feature lyrics in English, Chinese and Japanese. This approach to reach a global market is an impressive achievement and helps make this group stand out.

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Rock on FAKY! On the Release of the Music Video Futakoito.

Japanese girl-group FAKY has a Futakoito Music Video!


Japanese girl group FAKY’s latest single, “Futakoito,” was released, and Vocaloid producer Aqu3ra couldn’t be happier. This visually gorgeous and poetic piece blends a few music styles together into a symphonic treat. Although no translation was made available at time of release, hopefully this can change in the coming weeks–or fans can wait for the release of Ox-Head Village, an upcoming horror movie by ‘Ju-On’ creator Takashi Shimizu. 

This filmmaker released a statement about the music video. “The lyrics in this song about ‘another me (myself)’ are indeed the hidden theme of this movie. In an era where social media allows any of us to become someone else, can the two sides of the ego coexist? Will you struggle and be sucked in? Can you hold on to the essence of yourself?”

“Thank you Aqu3ra for putting together the pieces of this movie. And thank you FAKY for collaborating with me once again!”

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