From PC to Switch with Dark Deity

Despite its faults, I enjoyed the time I spent playing Dark Deity, and I saw a lot of potential in the game.

Dark Deity (Video Game 2021) - IMDbSword & Axe LLC

Available on Switch
March 17 2022

Disclaimer: A review copy was supplied

In the Kingdom of Delian, King Varic is waging a reckless war to avenge the death of his father. However, things are not going well for the demanding ruler. To bolster his forces, he forcibly conscripts every student in his military academy directly into the army, ready or not. This is where Irving and his companions come into the story. These trainees are pulled into a war they aren’t fully prepared for, and along the way are drawn into an even greater conflict that could upend their entire world.

This is the setup for Dark Deity, a Strategy Role Playing game developed by Sword & Axe LLC and published by Freedom Games. released last year on Steam after a successful campaign on Kickstarter, it has now been ported over to the Nintendo Switch.

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Kauan Explores “The Terror” with Ice Fleet & RPG Concept Album

The little town the players find themselves is detailed well enough to let game masters allow players to roam about freely, asking questions and searching for clues. 

The TerrorBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Artoffact Records 
Preorder available on Bandcamp

There’s been a handful of doomed expeditions to the Arctic circle early in exploratory history, and perhaps the most famous is Sir John Franklin’s doomed expedition. This particular case is well known in Canada since it was found near our waters. AMC’s The Terror gave their take on what may have happened, and its legend still sends shudders to those wanting to find definitive answers. 

Although only two boats were involved, Russia’s own home grown terror is not well known and perhaps covered up! Anton Belov from the folk metal band Kauan learned about this tale from his research into his country’s unsolved mysteries and turned it into a concept album, aptly named Ice Fleet. He said, “The only real artifact is the hand-written letter of a person whose grandfather was part of a scientific expedition on the northern shores near the Laptev Sea. This man was involved in blowing up huge ice layers to find the right place to build a meteorological station. After one explosion, the snow revealed a dozen masts. This is where our story begins. The letter itself is carefully translated to English and presented in the next chapters in its entirety.”

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