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Bullied: You Are Not Alone, A Documentary Review

10 Feb

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Bullying in any form is socially unacceptable, and the nerd/geek community is often the target because we continue to love stuff that other people have outgrown. Filmmaker Thomas Keith‘s documentary Bullied: You Are Not Alone examines the nature of the beast, and I feel it’s a must for every high school curriculum to show in Social Studies early on, and discuss, so every student can perhaps have an easier time in education instead of doing something they may regret later, or simply drop out of society (and life).

This subject really should be relabelled History, but I digress. This work not only brilliantly shows us how bullying behaviour developed over time, from the cave man days to where we’re at in the 21st Century with cyber-bullying (on any social media platform)–especially concerning the statistics revealed about Americans. Correcting this universal problem is not easy and in what makes this work special is that it shows us possible solutions to change this troubling aspect of society.

The stories we see here aren’t about those facing a challenging social life in school. There’s also workplace bullying and how people treat others when one may have a disability or other characteristic (like race) the other doesn’t like.

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