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Celebrate Digimon Adventure’s 20th Anniversary with Last Evolution Kizuna!

21 Apr

Release Date:
July 7, 2020

Shout Factory!

DigiDestined and loyal fans will always be together! This summer, get ready as the DigiDestined and their Digimon return in a thrilling new adventure. In honour of the 20th Anniversary celebration of DIGIMON,

Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Toei Animation, is proud to present the new anime feature DIGIMON ADVENTURE: LAST EVOLUTION KIZUNA on national home entertainment shelves on July 7, 2020. Available for the first time in North America, this new movie features the last adventure of Tai and Agumon. Each highly collectible edition and Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD) by Shout! Factoryboasts exciting movie presentation (featuring both versions–English voice cast and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles) and contains new insightful bonus features, which are currently in progress and will be announced at a later date.

A must-own for fans, collectors, and pop culture enthusiasts, this definitive entertainment release promises to captivate you on the edge of your seat. This release is available for pre-order now at ShoutFactory.com and will be made available in stores and other fine retailers.

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The Vintage Tempest’s Most Anticipated Films of 2019

2 Jan

By Ed Sum aka (The Vintage Tempest)

When a huge plate of comic book films is being offered in 2019, is it possible to make a list of movies worth seeing without mentioning a comic book (especially Marvel or DC) title? That will be a separate article but within this category, M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass deserves special mention. It’s certainly comic-book inspired. Instead, it’s set in the reality only this auteur can imagine.

Works from Asia is just as important! Not on the list, but believed to release sometime this new year is a sequel to The Mermaid (2016). This runaway hit and director Stephen Chow‘s perchance for comedy has me waiting in bated breath for an American-side release. Chinese-made films rarely get noticed, and when making my list, I had Warriors of the Future as a movie of interest.

Anime-wise, Mirai no Mirai (未来のミライ) will get wider distribution in this new year. It released during winter of last year with limited screenings. I saw a clip in the promo reel for the Victoria Film Festival 2019, and am fairly sure this will be screened locally. I will be looking forward to watching this 76th annual Golden Globe Award-nominated film.

Listed in chronological order are:

Godzilla: The Planet Eater

January 9

The final part of Toho’s animated trilogy gets its worldwide release on Netflix! While this take takes on shades of Hideaki Anno‘s Evangelion, this concept should be of no surprise when considering this creator directed the last live-action work, Shin Gojira in 2016.

Kaiju fans are in for twice the fun this year, since King Ghidorah is the villain. I’m sure the planning was coincidental since one side of the Pacific was not in constant communication with the other for plans for big G. Not even a three-headed monster can choose sides for which is best.

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Thoughts on Justin Lin’s Development Deal Transform Hot Wheels To Screen

28 Sep

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Famed director Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond, Fast & Furious movies) is the perfect choice to adapt Mattel’s Hot Wheels toy line for the big screen. Usually, I get critical over big names, but when considering how successful he has turned the latter into one freewheeling and adrenalin pumping action franchise, this news sounds really good. He will not only develop, produce and direct the film but also have the option (with his Perfect Storm Entertainment company) to co-finance the movie, as reported by The Wrap.

Will his idea take away from what Mattel’s product is? Most likely not. There’s no established core theme/mythology to these toys. I played with these miniature cars — admittedly by putting firecrackers under them and using them in Steve Jackson‘s tabletop game, Car Wars — but I’m guessing the live-action deal will have some form of explosions too. When considering how he’s propelled Fast and the Furious, I’m betting there will be a lot of fun involving race cars, regular vehicles and roadsters clambering for a lot of screen time. The product placement can potentially be through the roof, and I’m betting Nascar or Formula One will somehow be involved. To turn this movie into something like The Wachowski’s Speed Racer or even borrow from either PIXAR’s Cars or DreamWorks T.U.R.B.O. will not surprise me. I really hope the team will do their research and offer a different kind of tale.

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Sad Times, Vancouver Comic Book & Entertainment Expo Cancelled

8 Jul

Vancouver Expo LOGOThe Pacific Northwest is dealt a blow when Brasco Exhibitions announced on Facebook on July 5th that the 2016 Vancouver Comic & Entertainment Expo, set for August 5-7 at BC Place, will not be going forward. Unlike IFCon in Victoria, BC, thankfully the information was put out a good month away so not to anger fans who purchased tickets only to find out too late that the show is not happening.

The company will be issuing refunds through this company’s ticketing agent. As for how they will handle combo tickets which allow entry to Anime Revolution, no further comments has been made. For those people who have finalised their plans for travelling to this city, the option exists to enjoy this other convention.

Whatever the reason for this convention to not go forth, no rampant speculation is needed. The calendar for pop culture events in this region can be considered busy with certain months being “prime” for fans of pop culture to get their geek on. Trying to find a perfect time is touch when considering March / April has Emerald City Comicon and Sakuracon, August has Anime Evolution and Revolution (expanding to include a February event), October with Spark Animation Film Festival and in November, the new date for Fan Expo Vancouver. There’s rumours Anglicon will change dates (was in June last year, August this year). Smaller shows take place in this city year-round.

For further inquiries, the company asked to be contacted at: info@brascoexhibitions.com