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Mr. Peabody and Sherman: A Tale of a Dog and his Boy

10 Mar

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest) and James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Peabody1E: I’ve seen nearly every Jay Ward product reimagined for the big screen, and from the best to worst, I’d say Mr. Peabody and Sherman ranks second on my list. It’s tough to outdo Dudley Do-Right when I think Brendan Fraser is perfect for the bumbling Mountie.

J: Although the original has a definite charm to it, this updated product isn’t far off the mark. In the original you get a sense Sherman and Mr. Peabody are family. The relationship is played more for laughs but in this updated product the message is more blatant.

E: And that makes this film perfect for a family outing. The kids can be charmed by the colourful visuals and adults can laugh at the puns that Mr. Peabody is often fond of cracking. A bit of the ha-ha’s feel a bit misplaced, like having people falling out of the rear of many a beast, so I had to wonder just who the target audience is.

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