XYZ Films Sells Kevin Smith’s ‘Anti-Claus’ to Key Global Markets

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Image from Clerks (1994)
Image from Clerks (1994)

Kevin Smith, director of such films as Clerks, Red State and Tusk, is working on a third horror film. Originally titled Here Comes the Krampus!, it has been renamed Anti-Claus. Its being scripted by Andy McElfresh and Kevin Smith and is based on an idea created by Andy McElfresh during a Christmas episode of SModcast.

For this latest project, Smith will be using actors from his second horror feature Tusk, including Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Michael Parks, and Ralph Garman.

Smith said earlier in the year that the film would be shot before Clerks III.

XYZ Films launched the project at the Cannes Film Market. Its has already pre-sold to Premium Films in Russia, Rialto Distribution in Australia, Vendetta Films in New Zealand, PictureWorks in India, Queen in Indonesia, NonStop Entertainment in Scandinavia, WME Global in the United States, and Falcon Films in the Middle East. More deals are expected to be announced in the coming days by XYZ Films.

Jordan Monsanto, Andy McElfresh, and Jennifer Schwalbach are producing for Smith’s SModcast Pictures, with Jason Mewes executive producing. SFX legend Robert Kurtzman who did make-up for Tusk will be creating the Krampus.

On Smith’s blog earlier in the year, he announced he will co-direct the horror feature with  McElfresh, Mewes, Schwalbach and Carol Banker. The cast reported thus far are Kevin Smith’s co-podcaster Scotty Mosier, and Family Guy voice artist Ralph Garman.

Anti-Claus tells the tale of the centuries-old, devil like creature known the world over as the Krampus — the “Anti-Claus” of Alpine country folklore is infamous for eating naughty children during the season of giving. The movie will be told in single story episodes, stitched together with a framing device similar to the classic Creepshow film.

Principal photography is set to begin in September, 2014.

Credit(s): The Hollywood Reporter, and My Boring Ass Life.

[Vancouver, BC] Finding Inspiration for Karen Lam’s Horror Flick, “Evangeline”

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Karen Lam’s romantic horror genre-bending movie, Evangeline is set make its move deeper into the film festival foray in Asia and Australia beginning this Summer. It made its world premiere last year at Stockholm’s Monsters of Film festival in September, and it has seen a limited release in Canada. In Vancouver, British Columbia, it will receive a special screening on May 15th at The Cinematheque (1131 Howe St.) with a Q&A afterwards to discuss how this story was put together from an editorial standpoint.

This movie embraces several ideas that grew from ideas seeded in her previous works. Her experimental short, The Pit: A Study in Horror, helped develop the scenes where Purgatory is realized, and a few concepts in Doll Parts grew into becoming part of the origin tale established in Evangeline.

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“Thirst”-ing for more Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters

Watching this episode combines the best of several iconic films from this genre. Readers beware, spoilers are ahead.

Transformers Prime LogoSpoiler Alert

Not many Transformers Prime episodes are worth a full-on commentary after broadcast as the latest. “Thirst” brings back two favorites; one of them being Silus (voiced by Clancy Brown) who was unceremoniously dragged off to heaven knows where last season and presumably to be never mentioned again. Thankfully, the dangling plots are being addressed as this last season starts to wind down. As for this poor cybernaut, his transformation gets scarier and it harkens to many a product from horror movies.

Watching this episode combines the best of several iconic films from this genre. Readers beware, spoilers are ahead.

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