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The Aftermath; Cherry Bomb Toys Blows Up Their Ultimate Toy Fair to Two Days!

1 May


Cherry Bomb Toys Pano

Cherry Bomb Toys Panoramic view

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Nobody can ever know about the possible discoveries to be found at Cherry Bomb Toys’ Ultimate Toy Fair. Instead of a one-day event, it is now two. At least a third of the space was occupied by local shops with items from their vaults and the rest are from either long-time collectors or hobby enthusiasts’ massive collections. Had I spent more careful time on Saturday, I might have spotted the set of miniatures from Dark Crystal the Movie! This product from 1982 was from Pinnacle.

In past shows, I acquired the Orguss from the Super Dimension Century series of the same time. It’s missing the gun, and in due time, I will have the CAD design skills to create and 3D print the replacement part. I even found an Invid once; I passed on it because it was very battle damaged. The thrill of the hunt for random goodness defines why I continue going. The fact it’s a weekend event now had me curious and I had to explore the possibility of what I could find when not everyone will be vending for both days.

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“Welcome To Cobra Island” Artist Coming to Hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia

16 Sep

wordburglarrapplicablecoverBy James Robert Shaw
(The Wind up Geek)

Readers please be advised: This article may contain links to content with explicit language and mature subject matter.

Sean Jordan, the man responsible for releasing an entire album dedicated to the GI Joe license titled “Welcome to Cobra Island”, returns to his hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia this October. Currently based in Toronto Jordan spent his early career in Halifax performing under the stage name Wordburglar. Jordan has released a total of eight studio albums since his debut SJ the Wordburglar in 2003. Of those albums Burglaritis (2005) was nominated by the Canadian Music Week‘s Indie Awards for “Favourite Urban Artist/Group or Duo”. It was also the third most played hip-hop album on Canadian college radio in 2006 according to a year-end chart summary by the band Earshot. The track “Word Owner” won a fan-voted award for “Best Lyrics” by CBC Radio 3.

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