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It’s No Spoiler! Behind the Scenes with Top Gun Maverick

18 Apr

Top Gun Maverick Poster.jpgComing to theatres May 27, 2022

Nearly everyone knows just how much Tom Cruise was a taskmaster while making Top Gun Maverick. He’s a demanding entertainer for a reason, and it shows when he’s passionate about a film–especially one that helped make him a huge name in Hollywood.

This featurette looks at a few aspects he and his stars had to endure. A significant part of this film won’t be faked with CGI. Just how all those cameras are mounted onto planes for the external shots are a bit of a mystery, but I’m sure a home video release will explain that in due time.

I appreciate the care and attention Cruise puts into the movies he’s executive producing. The wait will be worth it, and to revisit this world is bound to be exciting. Plus, we get an official explanation for why this sequel took so long to come to be!

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Putting all the Featurettes Together in The Lost City

21 Mar

Over the weekend, some fans were offered an early access screening of The Lost City in select cities (and SXSW). The response is terrific, and the hype is real.

As we near a month where studios expect audiences to return to theatres in certain parts of the world, the competition of which film will rule the month of April will be fierce! Many featurettes have been released over the past few months to build anticipation for this teamup starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe. This powerhouse grouping has all the makings to challenge Netflix’s Red Notice (different story though).

The following are the best featurettes released to date. Available to watch online are most of the mini-featurettes released to date. Check it out!

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