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Josh Gates’ Expedition Launches into Real Life Mysteries. A Review

9 Jan

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Josh Gates is one of those media personalities/presenters who has done more to fuel the proverbial fires of controversy with such shows like Destination Unknown in his search for cryptozoological and supernatural creatures. Maybe he has found evidence proving other beasts, namely the Yeti, exists but he cannot reveal it lest the textbooks get rewritten. Love his style or not, namely a paranormal reality program called Stranded (that’s a clone of MTV’s Fear), this daring adventurer can shrug off misfires and continue on with new escapades.

His bravado is what makes him adorable on-screen and his sense of humour is what draws many people into watching. There’s a lovable goofy charm about him when he steps into other worlds in his quest for finding answers to mysteries nearly impossible to solve. And when that includes guest appearances in Fact or Faked and Ghost Hunters, trying to appear credible is hardly ever an issue for him.

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