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The Next IMAX FANFIX poster will be for Pacific Rim!

24 Jun

By Ed Sum
Pacific-Rim-ImaxThe next IMAX FANFIX print to be released will be for the first screenings of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim on July 12. And “conscripted” to create this second item of collectible posters is artist Sergio Grisanti. This artist is known for creating the Jaeger posters/card art used at WonderCon. Also, he’s done illustrative work for The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The digital image may not do the real item justice. There has to be something unique to make this second print release under the FANFIX banner special. Hopefully the poster is large enough to show a sense of the scale, or destruction being wrought as mech and beast face off in comic-book style explosion of wood and rubble. Del Toro had no set ideas in mind when giving the artist some parameters to work by.

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A Personal Look at Cherry Bomb Toy’s 11th Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair

5 May

by James Shaw

George R. Pearkes Rec Centre
Saanich, B.C

To be that good Anglican boy, I should’ve attended eucharist at Christ Church Cathedral Sunday morning. Instead I was attending what one may consider a religion of its own.: a toy show.

Victoria’s Ultimate Toy and Hobby Fair happens twice a year at the G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre and the first of 2013 is bigger than the last of 2012. To be there early on May 5th at 8am was a delight. When the doors opened for the early bird crowd, I was rewarded with two IMAX passes, good for a discounted group rate at the National Geographic IMAX theatre, located next to the Royal B.C. Museum. The first thousand attendees were awarded with these coupons. Before entering the show floor, I had already came away with goodies. But what was awaiting for me to see out on the dealers’ floor?

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