A Nerdy Guide of Places to Hit on Vancouver Island

SAANICH (North and South)

BC Shaver & Hobbies

Model Building, Hobby Supplies 

Hillside Mall
1644 Hillside Ave Space 77A

Hours: 9:30 to 9:00pm (Weds to Fri)
9:30 to 5:30pm (other days)

Not only does this operation help gentlemen keep their beards well groomed, but they are also model building and railroad hobbyists! They have moved away from the Downtown location to this place to better serve the community. They also expanded their line to include more options for those who like to work with their hands and build. Gundam, LEGO and Star Wars models are just a sampling of what people can find here.

Gauntlet Games

Board Games, Trading Card, RPG Supplies

1633 Hillside Ave #103
Hours: 2pm to 10pm
Phone: (778) 265-5556

This store brings new meaning to what the shopping center near the University of Victoria represents. Over the many years, Dragonstrike Comics and Johnny Zee’s (a video game arcade) occupied parts of the mall, but no nerdy place could remain for long. Even a video game rental outlet opened shop here and did not stay long. This operation hopes to change all that by wanting to be a presence for the community of Gordon Head and introduce gaming culture to those who have not been inside a shop before. With large windows allowing the outside to peek in, the curious may wonder if the squadrons from Star Wars: X-Wing can take down the Imperial fleet. Trading card games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering are regularly played here.

Hang and Play Games

Used Video Games & Consoles, Used Videos


Hometech Games Plus

Used Video Games & Consoles, Used Videos
30 Burnside Rd W.
Hours: 9:30am to 6pm

Sometimes hitting every used video game shop in town, like the above two, helps in locating that hard to find used game instead of going to eBay. Nobody likes the crazy shipping and handling costs.

Skyhaven Games

Board Games, Card Games, and Role Playing

3458 Tillicum Rd
Hours: 11am to 10pm (closed Mondays)
Phone: (250) 477-1519

Located in the Tillicum Mall Hub, this operation is home for many nerds living nearby to play their card or RPG games in the evening. They keep up with the popular games of the season and host tournaments. Their selection is diverse enough to include bootlegs of some anime soundtracks and products coming from Hong Kong than Japan. Recent visits have shown that this operation does not have them on display, but they might still be hiding in a corner.

Victoria Costumes

7060 W Saanich Rd
Brentwood Bay
Hours: 11am to 6pm (closed Sundays and Weds)
Phone: (778) 426-0781

Need a costume? Not everyone can make their own Spider-Man suit, and Tony Stark is not always available to help the average joe out. Well, he sort of does these days in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but if folks are looking to dress up for Halloween or just want to brighten their kid’s birthday with a surprise visit from Batman, this costume rental shop is the place to hit. Yes, they have plenty of Santa suits available too.


Everything Games

Board Games, Trading Card Games

Address: 721 Station Ave, Langford, BC
Hours: 2 to 9pm
Phone: (778) 432-4263

This operation caters to those living in the outer communities in Westshore (Langford / Colwood) by offering a place for gamers to gather in. Sometimes the commute to downtown Victoria is too lengthy to get enough hours of play in. They also have an extensive online ordering system for those who are deep into the game of Magic the Gathering. This trading card game is showing no signs of slowing down, and to have a local operation going on strong and not competing with other operations like Skyhaven and Yellowjacket, shows the gaming community has many places for players to get their game on. Their event schedule includes Warhammer 40K.

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