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Good News Winter Ember Fans, There’s a Comic Book Prequel!

26 Apr
Winter Ember

Available to order on Amazon USA

Winter Ember, the isometric stealth sandbox action game from publisher Blowfish Studios and developer Sky Machine Studios, finalizes its own prequel graphic novel series in a full physical compilation. Thanks to an all-star writing and illustration team, in partnership with comic and manga publisher eigoMANGA. The eight-part story of the Artorious family’s downfall is available in a single collection.  

Author Kevin Grevioux, renowned for his writing on a collection of Marvel and DC Comics stories like Amazing Spider-Man, Young Avengers, Cyborg, among others, as well as the creator of the Underworld and I-Frankenstein film franchises, sets the backdrop for Winter Ember’s epic stealth-narrative.  

Chris Awayan, previously known for the Indestructible comic series, put pen to paper as the illustrator. Iconic cover art from Ben Herrera, best known for his work on Marvel Adventures, X-Men Adventures, and Batman: Arkham Knights, rounds out the team of industry luminaries.   

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Top 10 Winter-themed Movies To Chill With by the Fireplace

18 Jan

Top 10 Winter-themed MoviesAs we are now mid-way into Winter, just whether people opt to go out to play depends on where they live–and if huge snow banks are a factor in deterring those from going out. Nobody wants to be snowed in. Thankfully, there are movies to view online to show we are not alone in that feeling of feeling trapped. What I offer is my list of top 10 winter-themed movies. Some are classic titles which I don’t go into detail on. Instead, I’ll explain why I consider three works are the best.

No, we’re not dealing with disaster films, even though they dominate these seasonal lists. Instead, the following considers films that deal with using the environment in the favour of either the protagonists or antagonists at some point. Besides the classics like The Shining, Alien vs Predator, 30 Days of Night, Dead Snow, and The Revenant, there’s no need to repeat what’s best known about these works. The two that don’t quite nail it but I enjoy (because I’m a Canadian) include Ice Planet and The Colony. Despite being made in my home country along with another international studio, you’d think there would be no trouble getting this concept right.

Instead, I’ll go into greater detail with my favourite three. Two of which were originally made in foreign territories!

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Bread and Fred’s Ready for Winter Play with this Steam Demo

18 Dec

Bread and FredBread and Fred, the co-op platformer developed by Sand Castles Studio and published by Apogee Entertainment, climbs into view with a new demo on Steam for PC featuring remote play just in time for the holidays, before swinging towards launch in 2023. 

Wrap up in some scarves, grab your best bud, and work together on a momentous co-op journey to help adorable penguins, Bread and Fred, reach the top of the snow-capped summit. Get in sync and jump on one, two, three! You’ll have to be clinging and swinging across platforms, ledges, and gaps. Triumph over every hurdle in a winter wonderland that is equally as cute as it is challenging.

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are attached at the hip, but which friend will be the weakest link? Hold on tight with Bread’s little penguin flippers and anchor to the ground as Fred times the perfect swing to clear massive gaps, pulling their companion up the ledge before gravity drags them back down the slippery slopes. Don’t get cold feet! Take the lead or take orders when planning a path upwards, and talk things out before every attempt. 

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A Mix Tape of Delightful Media for Winter Solstice 2022. Yule Be Glad.

20 Dec

Winter Solstice at StonehengeOn the darkest night of the year on December 21, 2022, Winter Solstice is a good time to get cosy with a ghost story. Some people enjoy a tale of terror with a classic work, or might be watching HBO Max’s Yule Log, which is new for this year. Once upon a time, people were fearful at this coming of darkness and to acknowledge it is probably why the love persists to this day. That superstition was common amongst Northern Europe people in the old days, but these days, having something cheerier to enjoy makes more sense.

Ancient man did not necessarily fear death. It is part of the cycle of life. From that comes rebirth, and what’s celebrated is not limited to just a few cultures. How I acknowledge this occasion is to enjoy a wide range of media which recognises the transition in some way instead of being very specific to the lore. That would make for a very short list.

From horror to celebratory, I’m aiming to suggest something old and something new to read, hear or view. What I offer is something to enjoy reading, a theatrical presentation on television or a song to listen to. I’m trying very hard to not pick works that’s more about Christmas than Yule. These days, the two terms are synonymous with each other, and it makes knowing what fits into my tighter definition difficult. And thus, I begin with:

The Yule Cat (YouTube)

This live action horror film is perfect to kick off the longest night of terror. Although not set to debut until the 24th, this work makes my list since it’s Icelandic folk horror at its best, and the teaser is perfect to tense things up. This work, along with the aforementioned and coming picks for 2022.

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Top Five Spooky Ghost Stories for the Winter Season (Part Two)

17 Dec

Kwaidan (1964) - Ghost StoriesBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

In part two, some ghost stories take advantage of the season more so than a specific day to deliver the chills. This list of ghostly tales considers how the land is ready to rebel against the wayfarer. 

Fighting the Wendigo isn’t tough, but rather is in why hasn’t it terrorized humanity sooner? There’s also the Yeti to consider, but those films involving a monster of the North or icy tundra are a dime a dozen. In keeping to the spirit, only shades are considered in this list:

Kwaidan “The Woman in the Snow” (1965)

This anthology series has one stand out for the season. The Woman in the Snow is about a woodcutter who meets an icy spirit. He would’ve been killed, but made a promise to not say a thing to anyone else about her. The chills are truly delivered when he forgets his promise ten years later…

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