Who Has the Power in Hasbro & Netflix’s He-Man & The Masters of the Universe?

These teens are Eternia’s answer to Power Rangers…

Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Breeds Familiarity Than Be Cutting Edge

Edgerunners gets better by episode four, where we see Dave firmly establish himself with a gang of edgerunners, led by Maine. This team of four–which includes Pilar, Rebecca, and Lucy–becomes five, and it’s a recipe for a cyber power ranger pack!

The Iké Boys and Saving the Day, Namely the Hell that was Y2K

Not every question raised here needs to be answered here in The Iké Boys. The concept behind this film is a fond look at how anyone can be heroes for more than just one day.

When Worlds Collide in Heroes of the Golden Mask Proves to be a Headscratcher

Here’s hoping the animated take, Heroes of the Golden Maskm will inspire John Wilson to finish his book series that insired the film.

The Wind and the Reckoning Highlights a Tragic Moment of Hawaiian History

Ultimately, The Wind and the Reckoning is about this Pi’ilani;s willingness to be with her family till the end.

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