Fireheart Trailer and When to Expect It

The trailer shows an ambitious work about a young girl aspiring to be the world’s first female firefighter

A Bold New Look with Star Trek’s Strange New Worlds

Star Trek Strange New Worlds is almost a return to form even though it exists within the rebooted Kelvin timeline.

What’s Next Niantic, After Daring to Cancel Transformers: Heavy Metal?

The shakeup at Niantic Inc. cannot go unnoticed. Despite making billions one year, they’re laying off the next, and cancelling titles, like Transformers Heavy metal too.

Freiheit! The White Rose Remembered! A Graphic Novel Review

As historians all know, the Gestapo caught and executed Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, Christoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf because they spoke out. This graphic novel remembers them as heroes and gives us a reproduction of those letters that were distributed so we can understand what their goals were. 

It’s Time for Tea Pets, A Nearly Forgotten Joy

This movie’s been renamed Toys and Pets for International audiences and the translation isn’t the best.

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