Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 Convention Report

There was lots to enjoy at Fan Expo Vancouver 2023, and in this introduction, we go explore the paranormal themed events in greater detail.

Fan Expo Vancouver’s First Wave of Guest Announcements is Here!

The first round of guest announcements for Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 are here!

Fan Expo Vancouver 2022 Convention Report

As for what’s next, it’s safe to say they’ll be back next year during BC Family Day. I was pleased that it wasn’t competing with another event upstairs and all I can hope for is to see the city embrace this event like in Calgary, complete with a parade.

(Part Three) Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 Gallery – Best Takes

At long last, we have all the pics from Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 all sorted, and we present our best takes from exhibit hall to main stage.

(Part Two) Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 and Some Good News!

Terminal City’s big fandom event is a return to full form, and as for what’s coming after Fan Expo Vancouver 2023, we have to wait….

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