When Ninjas Don’t Make Up Hydra in this Movie Review

3 Aug

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By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Release Date: July 20, 2021
Available on
Hi-YAH! Streaming Service and DVD

Takashi is silent and deadly, everything a ninja must be. When compared to G.I. Joe Origins: Snake Eyes, I wish Masanori Mimoto (better known for Yakuza Apocalypse) got to play this character instead of Golding. Here, this individual is subtle in his approach to safeguard the patrons to his bar. Part of the movie uses silence, the perfect way to introduce a former ninja. These days, he’s a chef.

Tak-san was once a member of the Tokyo Life Group, a secret organization dedicated to dealing with certain individuals not wanting to conform, but has since retired. He‘s trying to lead a normal life but is in fact protecting one of his co-workers.

The Tokyo bar named Hydra is where he lies low. Sometimes he’s called out from the kitchen to help deal with some rowdy individual. Rina (Miu from Netflix’s Followers) works as a bartender and Kenta (Tasuku Nagase from Kamen Rider Wizard) is the server. Neither knows about each other’s past.

Much of this film unfolds as flashbacks which nicely paces out its reveal on who Takashi was. Just when I thought there’d be lots of action, director Kensuke Sonomura gives us a detailed character study of the man. He also effectively crafts a briskly paced film which clocks in at 77 minutes.

Tak-san never liked the life he was trained for since birth. He’s kind of like John Wick in that regard. As for whether there’d be more to look at about this former assassin’s life, that’s best left to explore should a sequel ever get made.

4 Punches out of 5

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