Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary Weekend In Review & What’s Next?

The anniversary event was all about Meloetta, the musical maestro of the franchise. She is as unique as Vincini–and perhaps Hoopla too. He’s the time lord to meet in the coming weeks, and the build-up on what players must do to catch him is still un-announced.

Pokémon GO's Fifth-Anniversary Event Features Shiny Darumaka and More |  Pokemon.comBy Ed Sum
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Let’s be realistic, Pokémon GO fever continues because the player base wants those mega candies. The offer of a new pocket monster, namely Meloetta, a new mythical creature, got the music aficionado in me excited and who doesn’t want a Rock Star Pikachu? I prefer to have a punk rock version, but what I really want to see is a stuffed doll to add to my collection. I’ll be keeping my eyes in the official Pokemon Center website.

The weekend’s anniversary event was about offering hordes of pocket monsters–a quarter of them great to use (and grind to power up) in battle league–and a smorgasbord of Legendaries. Players can also finish their Pokedex by seeking out the latter. The day offered a fair balance of paid and unpaid chances to catch those demigods. Those who bought the event ticket also have 18 Raid Pass chances to grab ’em all. That’s a terrific value in price for those gamers who regularly invest in raid passes to battle in them all.

The difference maker is in whether players are staying indoors (dodging the heat or pandemic) or venturing far to find them. I did a bit of both on the two days, and only went home when the sun was really overheating my smartphone. 

Pokémon Go event – fifth anniversary celebrations | Pocket Tactics

The weekend was one I enjoyed. My choice was for the Rock Star Pikachu and ability to Meteor Mash. The only real criticism is on the fact players can only catch three of these costumed variants. Otherwise, they’ll have to look at trading for getting one post-event; just how good they are in battle league is debatable.

Catching any new pocket monsters has slowed to a very slow crawl lately. One day, Niantic Inc will release those missing in everyone’s pokedex registry, and my hope is that the next event may surprise everyone by featuring them. Most of these critters aren’t Battle League breakers, but their abilities are not typical and must be figured out according to how much damage they can deal.

The anniversary event is all about Meloetta, the musical maestro of the franchise. The game played new music which I hope can stay instead of be a one off. Aficionados of the franchise love this world more for what it is than this game by Niantic. I’m sure they would love to purchase the soundtrack which Junichi Masuda worked on. 

I’m still wanting those holes in my pokedex to be filled. It may get addressed with the August event since it promises to explore the past and present. Maybe these missing ‘mon are hidden behind a time bubble, and need us players to free them. Story wise, Hoopa exists in two forms. It has a confined and unleashed mode and can summon other mon. He’s the time lord to meet in the coming weeks, and the build-up on what players must do to catch him is still un-announced. The wait is not be long for shiny Cranidos and Shieldon to appear. In the same graphic is a Porygon. But as for it all means depends on what they represent. 

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