Going In Deep w Chad Ferrin on Lovecraft and One Filmmaker’s Vision…

21 Apr

What would you say to the detractors of your works?

The Deep Ones played at many festivals and have gotten great reviews, which I greatly appreciate. You’ll see really distasteful reviews too. I take nothing away from either as I enjoy reading both as long as they’re well written.

I’ve had praise from Variety for The Ghouls that led to Miramax calling me up wanting to remake it, and we were working on a deal before it fell through. That proved the power of the critic back then and now I think it’s tough with critics now is its everyone–be an Irish IMDb reviewer or whatever–being nasty when they call it the worst film ever made. They should look at Al  Adamson or Ed Woods‘ work; there’s great stuff in those films. 

Whether it’s people sh*tting on it or praising it, I can at least know they’re talking about it. 

That reminds me about the mixed reviews of Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity when they came out. 

I think they’re great films. I still vividly remember the lines around the block; I saw it at the Nuart Movie Theatre. Marketing put the right amount of spin and made a box office killing. The movie really was innovative for its time. The found footage formula is still being imitated. Paranormal Activity took the Blair Witch model and ran with it. Whether you think they’re a good or bad movie–you can at least admire the effort the distributors put behind it.

It’s the same with The Deep Ones. You hope the distributor you sign a deal with knows what they’re doing. We had higher offers, but we went with Brady Bowen of 123 GO because he was enthusiastic. I’ll take that gamble to see if that same marketing magic on the films we discussed can be pulled off instead of just dumping it out on Amazon Prime or Netflix. 


How would you respond to those scandals which got some directors kicked out their next great idea? I heard about Dunwich Horror not going forward.

Richard Stanley. Spectrum distributed his films and now they cut him loose because of some scandal 10 years ago. Vindicated or not, it’s amazing nowadays that just the slightest whiff of someone doing something wrong is frightening. He’s  an exceptional talent. I’d love to see his take on The Dunwich Horror, and that’s now in limbo.

No matter how awful whatever the person is, a racist or whatever, you still have to look and weigh in on his or her accomplishments. 

What are you making next?

I hope people will really enjoy The Deep Ones when it hits theaters April 23rd. If it does well, it’ll lead to the sequel, which is ready to go [into production]. It’s called H.P. Lovecraft’s The Old Ones, which is sort of Lovecraft’s The Beyond meets Phantasm II. We go from the ocean to the desert, to alternate dimensions. It was a blast to write. 

In the meantime, I’m shooting a film called Night Caller with Steve Railsback, Susan Priver, Bai Ling, Robert Miano, Lew Temple, Kelli Maroney and Silvia Spross. We hope to have it done by June this year for film festivals.

For closing remarks. What would you like to say?

Hopefully it’s been informative and sparks some interest in The Deep Ones. And if your readers would like to see it on the big screen, please send a request with the name of their favourite theatre to info@123gofilms.com and they’ll book it.

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