Godzilla and Kong in Print; The Clash of the Prequels

28 Mar

Over on Skull Island, King Kong is not at rest. It should surprise no one that he’s being hunted not only by the organization MONARCH but also by other beasts still living here. 

Madison Russell is now part of a team keeping tabs on all titan activities. One of the pilots, Audrey, can’t forget a previous encounter and is still haunted by memories of that moment. But when an old threat comes to the island prior to their mission to Inner Earth, she must come to terms with her fears. The crew knows the island is the closest thing to mirror the natural ecosystem hidden deep below, and when something comes flying out, the fierce bat-like creature Kong meets and its connection to local lore (or Aztec) is a lot more intriguing over what Keyes offered in Godzilla: Dominion.

A rewatch of the movie Kong: Skull Island is required to remind readers that this place is truly the Land of the Lost. It’s separated from the rest of the world with a huge continuous storm, and to penetrate it means going venturing into the heart of darkness. 

The story written by Marie Anello is worthy of being a movie in itself. Malaysian artist Zid and Syncraft Studio outdid themselves in the design of the Spirit Tiger. This entity truly looks etheric and hiring a “local” to do this book is perfect to properly depict the jungle environment that Kong lives in. This graphic novel is everything that the movie should’ve been. Even better is how the lore is integrated so I knew what is going on. Unlike the other book in this series, the dossiers of who two of Earth’s mightiest titans fought are quite needed.

If I had to choose between which of the two books as the clear winner, my money is on Kong this time.


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