Get Animated 2020 with TheNFB! and Beyond…

28 Oct

Not to be missed, and hopefully brought online soon, are these two works. They debuted at Vancouver International Film Festival and deserve a look:

This pop art piece by Meky Ottawa is, according to the official description, “A neon glimpse into a personal world within an urban landscape. From FOMO to JOMO, The Fake Calendar is an artist’s expression of how people come up with interesting and creative ways to avoid social functions in favour of their own private space.”

The colour scheme used in this animation is very bold and meditative, perhaps to represent the aura of the surroundings more than each individual. This analysis makes sense, as despite the festive environments people find themselves in, they can feel blank and empty inside. This brave work is certain to break barriers to those wondering what the meaning is behind this piece. I think it offers food for thought to those individuals who think they are socially okay, but in fact they really are not.

XO Rad Magical by Christopher Gilbert Grant is the best of the shorts offered during the Vancouver International Film Festival. I can’t wait for it to hit proper streaming services, or perhaps get used in psychology classes to show what a person with schizophrenia experiences. They are trapped. Sometimes it’s within their own space, within devices of their own making. The voices they hear are ethereal. They are uncertain about what’s real or imagined, and the colours are out of space, and I’m not talking about H.P. Lovecraft here.

Grant is no doubt giving us a look at what he sees, hears and feels as he has the schizoaffective disorder. This animated piece is very personal, and for him to be expressionistic about it is simply a wow.

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